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A place of refuge

THE ROAD FROM SURAT TO BOMBAY runs through flat terrain with many industrial establishments until it is within a few miles of the border between Gujarat and Maharashtra, a frontier that did not exist before 1960, when the former Bombay State split along linguistic lines into Gujarat and Maharashtra. 552 more words

To the roots of religion

Zoroastrianism is a religion I had never heard of until I went to Iran. And yet it influenced many of the worlds main religions, like Islam, Judaism and Christianity. 566 more words

Day Trip

Parsis: The Builders of Karachi

Parsis/Parsees or Zoroastrians are the followers of an ancient Iranian Religion founded by the Prophet Zoroaster. As the name of this ethnoreligious community denotes, Parsis trace their origins to Pars, modern-day Fars in Iran from where they fled in the face of the Arab conquest of Iran in the seventh century A.D. 6,545 more words