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Life according to Ranger

Over the last few months we have come to the conclusion that their is one member of Team Taylor who has this life sussed. So for educational and highly scientific purposes, we logged his day. 14 more words


Check out the DM Retrobox card generator

Have you guys had a play with the DM Retrobox card generator?

It’s super fun – You can check it out HERE.

I was inspired by Dice Dice Kitty’s outstanding effort with her fan-made My Little Pony set (take a look… 134 more words

Dice Masters

Custom Fan Made Dice Masters Set - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season One

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

I’ve been dying for a My Little Pony Dice Masters set. It’s an IP that I’m fairly certain WizKids won’t ever use for Dice Masters, though I could be wrong… 1,200 more words

Dice Masters

truemistersix reblogged this on True Mister Six: British Dice Roller... and commented:

I suspect that anyone who reads my Little Dice Masters blog reads Dice Dice Kitty's too (if you don't - you should), but I just had to share this tremendous labour of love by Kitty: she's built, from the ground up, an entire fan-made set around My Little Pony. Check it out - it's incredible - and officially makes her blog 20% cooler than mine! An outstanding effort Kat - great job! 😎

A day of sports

Getting up at 5am has had its rewards – exhilarating yacht racing, a capsize, a mistake when winning and then winning by only 1 second – but ultimately success today. 92 more words

Team Development

Unconscious Mutterings and butchered movie quotes

Part of being an introvert is – for me, at least – living in my own head. Part of living in my own head means that I… 196 more words

Meme Hell

Just a boy and his cat

A funny thing happened on my way to bed last night…

Bubbles asked me casually if we could have another cat. One of his classmates was looking for a home for a kitten she’d found. 262 more words