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Email #Fail

Email is here to stay, like it or loathe it we all use it in some shape or form.

For businesses it can be a blessing as it provides an instant way of sending information to your customers.   1,337 more words


Service #Fail

A big part of our business at Ayrshire Leaflet Distribution is marketing, however a more important aspect of any business is the actual service you provide.   2,412 more words


Inchcock - His sense of humour brought into question here...

This morning determined not to forget I’d left the washing in the drying machine twelve floors down in the lobby laundry room again, and someone having to take it out and let me know, like wot I had dun on the last two washing sessions during the previous week. 146 more words


Social #Fail

As I had so much fun researching last week’s topic the decision was made to make July a month of fails!  Covering all sorts of media from social to physical. 1,474 more words


Don't #fail

With everything that has happened in the UK over the past fortnight – you would be forgiven for wanting to hide under a rock till it blows over! 446 more words


Sometimes... Thoughts on ageing from the aged Inchcock in one of his darker moments

I cannot see, I cannot pee
I cannot chew, I cannot screw
Oh dear, what can I do?
My memory shrinks with age
So does my little appendage! 217 more words