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Happy Easter and a Special Treat from Mr.Cheddar!


Stop by my review blog to read our Easter post, including a special weekend treat from Mr. Cheddar!

Have a Safe, Happy and Healthy Easter Weekend!

Just For Fun

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Check out a special weekend Easter treat from Mr. Cheddar!!!

The Jacana in the garden next door

As some of you know, I have got back into birdwatching since retiring and am enjoying it. This morning I had a surreal experience when I looked out the back bedroom window into the neighbour’s garden which has a pool. 123 more words

Ivory Coast


Mondays come and Fridays go, but weekends last forever.

How will you spend yours?

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The answerless editor

Editors love answers. They spend countless hours tussling over the right answer to things, with each other and on their own, even if in the end they conclude that the right answer is that there is no right answer. 925 more words

Freelance Life


What a wonderful day to go golfing,
A day full of laughter and fun.
It’s a wonderful day to go golfing,
With kings, jacks, and jokers out in the sun. 23 more words


Oh, the joys of life in the Hawkeye State...

In honor of the fact that it’s only 8:00 a.m. and already about as far from a stellar day as it’s possible to get, I thought I’d share a favorite joke of mine. 585 more words


Bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy fun, fun, fun, fun, fun

I spent some time yesterday organizing the zillion or so pictures I took in 2016 in preparation for compiling our annual family photo book. It was a complete pain in the butt because I don’t think I did anything with them at all last year, other than move pictures from my phone (which I used way more often than my Nikon last year) onto my computer into a file called “camera pix – need to sort.” It took me forever to get them all sorted, primarily because of this: 111 more words