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My Mummy Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Jessica from Beauties and the Bibs to take part in the ‘Mummy Tag’. Simply put, it’s a post where I answer some questions that will tell you a little more about me. 878 more words

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Ten things

With Labor Day now but a memory, I feel it’s time to kick my blog back into high gear. And by high gear, I mean posting more than once a month. 676 more words


The books that made me

It’s such a cliché to be an editor who loves books. But there, I’ve said it: I love books. Almost more than food, or Bourne films… 884 more words


Brain Juice: The carpenter's story

In mini-series called Brain Juice, I’m going to be looking at videos, music, text and tales that evoke thought and help to inspire the mind. 68 more words

A Bit Of Fun

Wordless Wednesday: Matching underwear?

A very strange fashion in South Korea is matching couples wear that they have everywhere. From levis, jackets, shirts, hats, pyjamas and  even couples underwear. 18 more words