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Raise Your Hand If You Wore Pads For Way Too Long

By Anna Walters

Just me? Cool cool.

On Christmas day 2015, my sister and I went to see the movie “Sisters” (fitting) not expecting that Tina Fey would deliver us the greatest gift of all: a spot-on period joke. 1,232 more words

A Bit Of Fun!

8 Qualities of Strong Women

By Sarah Zink

Recently, I read yet ANOTHER article about why “most men can’t handle a strong woman.” Friends, I am SO SICK of cliched articles about this topic, I had to write the ‘real deal’. 609 more words


Oh, the joys of life in the Hawkeye State...

In honor of the fact that it’s only 8:00 a.m. and already about as far from a stellar day as it’s possible to get, I thought I’d share a favorite joke of mine. 585 more words


A Tempest In A DDD Cup: “Full Figure” Bras I Have Loathed

By Sarah Jane Herbener

Let’s get real, shall we?

The Battleship:

Pros: Super-strong rubber, elastic and mesh will by-God hold those babies up all day long. 448 more words

A Bit Of Fun!

Bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy fun, fun, fun, fun, fun

I spent some time yesterday organizing the zillion or so pictures I took in 2016 in preparation for compiling our annual family photo book. It was a complete pain in the butt because I don’t think I did anything with them at all last year, other than move pictures from my phone (which I used way more often than my Nikon last year) onto my computer into a file called “camera pix – need to sort.” It took me forever to get them all sorted, primarily because of this: 111 more words


In Honor Of Daria's 20th Anniversary, Here Are 24 Times The Show Got Us

By Rafaella Gunz

On March 3, 1997, Daria premiered on MTV. A spin-off of Mike Judge’s show, Beavis & Butthead, Daria focused on one of the minor characters — who Beavis and Butthead continuously referred to as “diarrhea.” Unlike the bro-y fanbase that  697 more words

I’m Sick Of This ‘Cat Lady’ Bullshit

By Tina Amini

Look, I like cats. I grew up with them. I own one. I’ll chase them down on the street to try and pet them. 566 more words

A Bit Of Fun!