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Mondays, case of

Still waiting on pictures and updates as the report takes shape, so here’s another random space-filler and Facebook-joke. I’m still on hiatus, technically, so am trying to focus on writing for… 178 more words

Move Over Monday

Today was Monday.

Not only was it Monday, but it was a Monday. One of those days that made you say “Oh my, I have a case of the Monday’s.” 81 more words

Yup, feels like a Monday

Ugh. I don’t normally get Monday-feeling, but today it’s a definite, severe case.

I didn’t get up quite so early today as I normally do, but it was still reasonably early because I wanted to try to get some writing done before work. 215 more words

Astro Tramp 400


You know, like the mood, NOT the color???  Translated…

Saturday had wasted me, and Sunday continued wasting me too, I have no fears, and filled with this authoritarian flair!   96 more words


That feeling when all the chips are gone...

Ever feel sad on a Monday morning?

Ever debate with yourself if you should buy a bag of chips to temporarily lift the sadness?

Ever give in and just eat the bag of chips – relishing every piece pulled out of that bag? 54 more words