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Suomi-100-sized case of the Mondays

Day 85. 50 pages, 21,190 words.

Well that weekend happened and is now over with.


Moving on. My parents arrive at 16:00 this afternoon. At which point my work week will be 1/3 over, on account of my “summer holiday” kicking off. 60 more words

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Here comes the week

Day 29. 21 pages, 10,048 words.

Bit of a disappointing weekend for writing, but I was expecting that. And a busy week coming up for all sorts of reasons. 152 more words

Hatboy's Nuggets Of Crispy-Fried Wisdom

Get After It (In Your Own Special Way)

Monday morning I was scrolling through Instagram while procrastinating on getting out of bed. It was the dawn of the new week, and I was feeling “a case of the Mondays” come on. 583 more words

Deep Thoughts

Interlude: Sick, Tired, Bummed, Uninspired, and Suffering from Blue Ballpoints

Ugh, must be Monday.

I’ve been dealing with a niggling cold and sore throat for the past few days, which hasn’t really gone away yet. Today, it’s been enhanced with a pounding headache. 366 more words

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