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Week 14: Watch A Christmas Story

Obviously this isn’t the most ideal time of the year for this movie. But as soon as my coworker found out that I had never watched A Christmas Story, she insisted that I see it before I left at the end of the semester. 58 more words


The Savage Sacktap - The Lord Of Misrule (Christmas Special)

A 32-year-old man is given an advent calendar by his mother. He opens it with a toe nail clipper, only to find he’s been swindled by a bunch of Germans. 92 more words

Summer 2010: You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

Welcome to Sheldon’s Shindigs.  Let’s get down to business.

2010 was the year I graduated from high school, and before I went to college, I decided to celebrate by spending time with family out in Pennsylvania.  730 more words


As a rule I mute television commercials. I can’t stand most of them as they send us all subconscious messages from multinational corporations that seek to entrap the will and bring about the purchase of something we simply do not need. 680 more words


Snow Days and the Joy of Jazz Flutes

Snow blasted.

That sounds like something in the expensive column on a German Sex Club menu.

It’s times like this I feel like a prisoner. The snow comes, slowing everything down to a crawl and forcing me to choose adventure (with the a hint of danger and a little death) or an endless showcase of tv shows and movies on Netflix. 289 more words


Cussing Care

For some of us, at least, it’s standard operating procedure to launch an obscenity when we stub our toes, bump our heads, cut our fingers while chopping food, or experience some other unexpected moment of physical pain. 321 more words


I No Longer Want Oatmeal Now That I Can Have It

It’s funny, I used to crave oatmeal. I loved the flavor, even without any sugar or maple syrup. Just a tiny pat of butter at most, I loved it. 71 more words