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Eros, Thanatos, and My Buddy Freud: A Review of The Jekyll and Hyde Portfolio

I apologize in advance for anything foul thing I say during this review.


**brushes badly placed toupee back and fixes collar**

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Alamo Drafthouse

Ranking Stanley Kubrick's Films [The Yellow Kubrick Road]

We’ve finally finished my Stanley Kubrick odyssey, or should we say that we’ve reached the end of the yellow (Ku)brick road and it has been a rather lovely journey. 1,079 more words

Selected Quotes from A Clockwork Orange

  1. “Is it better for a man to have chosen evil than to have good imposed upon him?”
  2. “The important thing is moral choice. Evil has to exist along with good, in order that moral choice may operate.
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Conditioned editions

The Foloio Society (for the unaware)

For anyone looking to make a foray into classic pieces of writing, or for those who just want get caught up in drooling over some fantastically bound greats, then  148 more words


Süt, Yitirilen Masumiyet ve Maskeler: Inglourious Basterds & A Clockwork Orange

(© Fil’m Hafızası, Mustafa Koca) – “Süt Kokulu Filmler” özel dosyasından

Daha dünyaya geldiğimiz andan itibaren bize hayat veren iki iksir vardır bu dünyada: Biri bizzat varlığıyla yaşamı var eden, şeffaf, tatsız, tarafsız, dürüst ve saf olan “su”. 1,008 more words


Complaining About Movies

I like movies, you probably like movies, but neither of us goes to every movie that comes out. Because we don’t have to. Not every movie is for me. 397 more words