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Dystopian Politics

Politics are arguably the most annoying thing in existence (if one overlooks lukewarm coffee and knee-deep mud), yet they can make or break a novel. 995 more words

Empathy & Ultraviolence

For all of my talk about people being seduced by culture and violence, it’s worth saying that I’ve fallen under the spell many times.

From late gradeschool on, when I first discovered writing, oftentimes I tried to sum up my sense of loneliness, and later actual depression, by writing fictional accounts of school shooters. 574 more words


A Clockwork Orange| Review

★★★★☆  Action to the Words,  Park Theatre

High energy paired with stunning choreography and Beethoven’s Symphonies. A Clockwork Orange is an intense theatre experience that shouldn’t be missed. 318 more words


'Why is "Lolita" considered a literary classic?'

I wouldn’t consider Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita a classic or say there’s more value to it than in a Michael Bay film.

It’s an impressive technical achievement, and it’s formally beautiful; if that justifies its existence, I don’t see how that’s enough to justify its study. 1,235 more words


#110: "Loaded" by The Velvet Underground

“The whole world’s comin’ to an end, Mal!” — Mickey

It was late summer back in 1994.  I had gradiated from Olde Genevieve, but college hadn’t started yet.   879 more words


Was The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars a postmodern album?

In this essay I will discuss, how The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars  (1973) displays a postmodern aesthetic. When discussing the album… 1,440 more words

Kubrick on Screenwriting

“Writing a screenplay is a very different thing than writing a novel or an original story. A good story is a kind of a miracle, and I think that is the way I would describe Burgess’s achievement with the novel. 108 more words