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What makes Clockwork an unparalleled post-Joycean masterpiece…? The heart of the work resides in Burgess’ self-manufactured rebel-youth colloquialism, i.e., a language he calls Nadsat. The meter or rhyme is nothing we would want to schematize: an onslaught of hurly-burly neologisms that brush against a mania uniquely reminiscent of Ludwig Van’s 9thsymphony, itself. 437 more words


Finals, Grad Apps, and Ginger Ale

I have long forgotten the feeling of living without anxiety cluttering some small corner of my chest, but that’s okay. I’m adjusting. Adjusting to a new medication, to getting over an illness, and adjusting to all the stress that I know the next year and a half will bring. 404 more words

A Clockwork Orange

Donnie and His Droogs at the G20

Friday at the Buenos Aires milk bar and Donnie and his Droogs Vlad, Xi, and Bone Saw are trying to decide how to spend their evening. 247 more words


Something About the Movie : A Clockwork Orange

Something About the Movie : Episode One

“Something About the Movie” is going to be a series on this blog. It is quite simple with the meaning, as closely literal as possible. 435 more words



A selection of photos from a 2015 NSCAD project on dystopic cinema. The photographs were inspired by the films I chose and were not meant to recreate specific scenes.


30 antes dos 30: Eyes Wide Shut

Tom Cruise e Nicole Kidman são um dos casais mais mediáticos do momento. Estamos em 1999, quando estreia Eyes Wide Shut, envolto em grande curiosidade. 1,193 more words


A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess | Book Review


This book contains graphic detail of assault, rape, and torture.

Anthony Burgess’ most well-known novel is a tricky book to read due to it’s heavy use of Russian slang, but if you can stick with it and parse out the meanings of the words, you’re in for a disturbing, horrorshow treat. 197 more words