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The 10 most memorable songs in Stanley Kubrick films

To this day, Stanley Kubrick remains undeniably one of cinema’s most important and influential figure. The American Director, master of adaptations,  not only introduced an innovative approach to storytelling contributing to the New Hollywood cinema, his work also greatly advanced film techniques. 1,049 more words


Book Review: 'Kubrick's Game'

Plot:  Three UCLA films students get caught up in an elaborate game created by none other than master director Stanley Kubrick.  Despite over a decade and a half having passed since Kubrick’s sudden death, the maverick director’s puzzle becomes more and more intricate as each new clue reveals itself.  1,122 more words

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A Clockwork Orange - Russian Words

I’m rereading the novel by Anthony Burgess, and it’s very entertaining, now that I know many of the Russian words he’s using as the basis for the characters’ slang. 461 more words

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A Clockwork Orange: The Fall Of Man


‘A Clockwork Orange’, Anthony Burgess’ 1962 dystopian novel, is set in a future of youth violence and a repressive totalitarian government. In a society where brutality seems to be the societal norm, we follow Alex, a fifteen year old boy, in his peak of inhumane and immoral tendencies. 1,194 more words


A Clockwork Existential (An Existential Beat/Street Poem)

What’s it to be then Eh?
What is your identity Alex my Droog? Does your soul know your dreams?

From the wet and dark
Arose life anew… 812 more words

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Fashion Spotlight: Adventure Busters, The Violence, Them Birds

Ript Apparel has three new designs! Adventure Busters, The Violence, Them Birds, by Charlie8090, daletheskater, and dandingeroz are on sale today only! Get them before they’re gone… 57 more words