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Connecting Dots

Last week I wrote about an experience I had when I found myself living in San Francisco half a lifetime ago. Frankly it was one of many that I love to reminisce about. 2,412 more words


"May you live in interesting times" - two political classics and why we need them more than ever

‘May you live in interesting times’  is an English expression which is said to be translated from an ancient Chinese curse. Laced with irony, it conveys the danger and the associated anxiety when national or international events  seem to go through periods of intense change or activity. 859 more words


Fountainbridge Marina.

Edinburgh does have its wee accidental allusions.

Gioachino Rossini’s The Thieving Magpie enters my noggin every time I slo-mo stride along ‘Fountainbridge Marina’, a singular image of Alex DeLarge and his droogs syncing to another Kubrickian vignette. 103 more words

Best Writing (Adapted) - 1971

Don’t worry, I’m not dead! I think. I’ve been renovating my garage and internet has been off the grid for a while, but I’m back! 351 more words

The Oscars

A Clockwork Orange: How It Got Me Thinking.

After recently finishing Anthony Burgess’ novella A Clockwork Orange, it left me with a lot of thoughts and feelings about not only our current society but also about myself as a person. 855 more words

A Clockwork Orange

'There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs' - The Sunday Film Review #26

Hello there! So yes, after a week of no review, we return with some movies to watch! FINALLY! The reason for last week’s absence? I just simply got too busy. 1,528 more words

The Shining

You may not know, I love Stanley Kubrick films. 2001: A Space Odyssey. A Clockwork Orange. Dr. Strangelove. Full Metal Jacket. I’m even planning to devote an afternoon to… 234 more words