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A Conversation

You spoke because you felt compelled to speak

I listened because I felt compelled to listen

Something transpired in that sublime exchange

Between a spent thought and purchased silence… 19 more words


A Conversation: Calling all People!

A few months back I started this poetry collaboration project called ‘A Conversation’. The aim of this project is to start a conversation between two people with the end result of a poem. 171 more words


"You say ___, I say ___."

You say cute, I say stop.

You say you like me, I say you’re in for a rude awakening.

You say “awkward”, I say I have nothing to contribute to this conversation. 112 more words


A Conversation

Therapist: Do you want to write today?
Writer: No. Not really.
T: And why is that?
W: Well, because I’m uninteresting.
T: Do you mean that today was uninteresting or that who you are, at your very core, is? 149 more words

Tyler Strittmatter