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Final Draft

This draft is to tie everything together in on package, considering some pages were edited out, I changed the medium from a book to a paper folded booklet. 47 more words

A Conversation

Fourth Draft

Continuing from the third draft, I have decided to abandon the voting illustration and instead use a cleaner representation, personally more effective in my opinion. Also the timeline has been heavily changed using a vertical timeline that can use short but impactful paragraphs to highlight the issue, plus any that has been partially drawn timeline created a sort of countdown to the impending disappearance of a public run service. 13 more words

A Conversation

Third Draft

After reviewing the first draft to the political conversation I began to plan out some change to what I wanted from each section, I took the votes and made it into one spread while the compass becoming a spread aswell. 275 more words

A Conversation

Final Studio Submissions

Tuesday 19th May 2015

Final Studio Submissions For ‘A Conversation’, ‘Huddersfield Vernacular’, ‘You Can Now’ and ‘The Level Collective’.

Here shows my final showreel, including all finished animations and graphics created for the individual projects, worked on from September 2014 – May 2015. 17 more words

'A Conversation'

Final Piece

Here are the final pieces for my brief, A conversation.

Using the short stories that people made, I created typographic posters with them. 32 more words

A Conversation

Research and Final Piece

For this brief we were asked to explore the idea of a conversation. To start with were given a mini task of choosing a newspaper article and then have a 3 minute 30 second conversation with a small group of people discussing the article. 193 more words

A Conversation