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A Conversation

You spoke because you felt compelled to speak

I listened because I felt compelled to listen

Something transpired in that sublime exchange

Between a spent thought and purchased silence… 19 more words


A Conversation: Calling all People!

A few months back I started this poetry collaboration project called ‘A Conversation’. The aim of this project is to start a conversation between two people with the end result of a poem. 171 more words


"You say ___, I say ___."

You say cute, I say stop.

You say you like me, I say you’re in for a rude awakening.

You say “awkward”, I say I have nothing to contribute to this conversation. 112 more words


A Conversation

Therapist: Do you want to write today?
Writer: No. Not really.
T: And why is that?
W: Well, because I’m uninteresting.
T: Do you mean that today was uninteresting or that who you are, at your very core, is? 149 more words

Tyler Strittmatter

The Perfect Critique Formula pt.1

Okay we might have come up with the THE PERFECT CRITIQUE FORMULA (trademark):

Be Nice

Like don’t be a jerk…


The best kind of critique is one that’s both useful but also doesn’t make the person in question defensive or upset. 1,270 more words