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The Drink

“So, what’ll you have,” he asked to the young lady as they scanned over the setting sun.

“Um, well,” teething her bottom lip. “I’ll have…um…” looking to the orange and red skyline. 170 more words

Creative Writing


22nd of  July 2015 – Grey   – (Sony Xperia)

Closeted under a blanket of grey

22nd of July 2003  Towards the Sea  (Benq 1300)

A stood in the sun, and tried to see the sea, I knew it was there, but I just couldn’t see it.

Conversation Between Two People On Paper.

The origin of a name

21st of  July 2015 – Like a song sung by a cat   – (Sony Xperia)

Memories of a day in docklands in 2008, of a hill of dirt, a the promise of something big all now available in a micro form at the end of the driveway everyday. 81 more words

Conversation Between Two People On Paper.

A conversation with depression!

Dear Depression,

I picture you as a bully in the playground. I know it seems strange! However, you pick on the innocent, you put them down over and over again, until everything that makes them who they are is gone. 170 more words


A Conversation - Final

I have also animated this piece, which can be seen here: 

A Conversation

God to Me

God: Why do you sin?

Me: I sin to save myself.

God: What is sin?

Me: Sin is placing my identity on something other than you. 84 more words


Final Draft

This draft is to tie everything together in on package, considering some pages were edited out, I changed the medium from a book to a paper folded booklet. 47 more words

A Conversation