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Sights while dog walking

Yesterday, I posted a photo of the expansive skies we often see in rural Minnesota. Today’s photo is the sunrise peeking above the horizon before yielding to the clouds. 224 more words

A Day In Rural Life

Agrarian mornings

This photo is one of the reasons I really enjoy living in rural Minnesota. I caught the expansive sky with my phone camera while taking a long walk with our dogs this morning.

A Day In Rural Life

Bicitec (bicicleta + tec)

Recently, I’ve been using the DuoLingo app to re-learn Spanish after 30-plus years away from the classroom. DuoLingo suggests stories on podcast, and the one I heard today so intrigued me I had to look up the website and check out the youtube video.

Here’s the link

A Day In Rural Life

God’s abiding grace

The little guy in this blog post isn’t so little, anymore. We celebrate his twelfth birthday today.


A Day In Rural Life