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The End of Ebola (Athene's Documentary)

On twitter yesterday I came across a truly inspirational documentary named ‘The End of Ebola’, made by a well known online gamer who’s widely referred to by his online pseudonym, Athene. 189 more words

The Chronicles

The Adventures of Tilly Mae Trotter, The Story So Far

The youngest and most spirited of my kids is what most parents would describe as a handful. Though only 6 years of age she has a list of antics that would make Vinnie Jones’ misdemeanour’s look like a pack of cub scouts playing knock door run. 1,047 more words


These Voices Drown Me

Their voices surrounded me as I laid there motionless. My mind was drawing so far back my sight was becoming useless. Where is this place? It must be stored deep within, like an old box left behind in the attic no body really wants to take a peak in. 396 more words

A Day In The Life Of

A day in the life of... FIREMAN!

Beep Bo Beep Bo! Fireman coming through!

Duty was ineffable. Definitely it involved me getting my morales crashed once again to an all time low but I had been through so much that that doesn’t matter much to me anymore.

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On Nut mornings

My first daylight impressions of Bangkok were from my son’s 17th floor apartment in On Nut.  I was mesmerised. By the monks in saffron robes and the Thai way of life.  62 more words


An Open Book - Episode Five

Coffee hour with Jordan.

So Valentine’s day is in the past, we’ve all exhausted our wallets and/or purses and we look on with grim determination at the next occasion that is going to make us wish we were multimillionaires. 296 more words


Live in the Flesh - Episode 3, Season 2

It’s finally here!! Episode 3 of my live in the flesh series! Check out some of the past events and memories I’ve made so far. More to come soon!!

DJ Live