Would My Daughter Have Benefited From An Earlier Diagnosis of Autism?

The following is another article from guest blogger Jane Hughes (my mother). She describes my childhood, the families gradual awareness of my Asperger’s Syndrome and the problems we ran into later down the line… … 1,367 more words


#042: interlude

it’s finally yale-nus’s week 7 and somehow i haven’t even consciously felt this much time passing… it seemed so distant and far-off when the results were first announced but it’s really finally here and people have been leaving for their trips already 370 more words

#041: irrationality

le cœur a ses raisons
que la raison ne connaît point

Blaise Pascal

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#040: green glass love

a simple choice, nothing more
this or that; either/or
marry well, social whirl
business man, clever girl

or pin my future on a green glass love?

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A Day in the Life: the Joyful Learning Preschool

Written by Julia Queale, Intern

In 1993, CRHP opened the Joyful Learning Preschool for the children from Indiranagar, CRHP’s neighboring slum. For six days a week, children ages two to five come to the preschool to build a foundation for their academic and social life. 420 more words

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#038: deliberation

sup y’all

it’s been a while since i’ve posted about anything that’s been happening in my life in school so let’s catch up!! :-) 442 more words

#034: drown

well, i’m so tired of the rain
falling softly on the ground
just enough to get my feet wet
but not enough to let me drown…

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