The hillside hamlet of Moulay Idriss

Although Moulay Idriss is an important religious site in northern Morocco, what I loved the most is the way the town tumbles down two hills and how, traversing a winding labyrinth of alleys that lead to spectacular vantage points from the top, it appears that life in this picturesque little hamlet hasn’t changed for centuries. 119 more words


A day in the life "Rachael jones"

A day in the life ” Rachael jones”


Rachael Jones is the Distillery Visitor Centre Manager at Jura .. Originally from North East England, Rachael moved to the island of Jura in the summer of 2011. 1,084 more words


A Country of Cats

Morocco is full of cats. You notice it straight away, along with the ubiquitous satellite dishes and drying washing.

There’s no escaping them, so much so that on my first night in Casablanca, I was woken by the cacophony of wailing alley cats having a huge scrap outside my hotel.  194 more words


The Great Divide

On reflection, I think my issue with the lavishness of the Hassan II Mosque began in downtown Casablanca when I happened upon a rubbish heap on an open plot, smack bang in the middle a residential-cum-business district. 232 more words


Rabat in the Rain

In central Casablanca we boarded a train to Morocco’s capital Rabat, stored our luggage at a cafe close to the station and set off on a circuitous route to explore the city.  215 more words


Hassan II Mosque

I will say from the outset that Grande Mosquée Hassan II  is a spectacular landmark, standing boldly on a headland so worshippers can pray over the sea. 166 more words


Casablanca's little church

I was on my way to find the famed Hassan Mosque, the jewel in Casablanca’s crown, when I spotted it out of the corner of my eye.  203 more words