Journal entry 24/12/2017

Woke up earlier today and can’t fall back to sleep. It’s Christmas eve right now, can’t believe it’s a day away from Christmas and we only have a week left until it’s 2018. 952 more words


Journal Entry 23/12/2017

Got up a little early this morning and brushed my teeth, used the toilet and checked my phone, the usual morning routine. It’s a Saturday morning so of course we had pies for breakfast. 370 more words


Journal entry 22/12/2017

Spent most of the morning lying in bed and looking at my phone. Didn’t get up till around 9:30 am to brush my teeth and eat breakfast. 1,614 more words


Journal entry 21/12/2017

Good morning. Finished brushing my teeth and washing my face, now I’m sitting beside this bundle of dandelions enjoying the soft breeze and fresh air. I absolutely recommend breathing some fresh air in the morning, it’s richer during sunrise. 499 more words


Journal entry 20/12/2017

Well, my mom just got back from overseas. Probably decided to come back for Christmas and New Years. Still waiting for my parcel and it’s likely that I would be spending the rest of the day cleaning the house now that the queen herself is back. 665 more words


Journal entry 19/12/2017

Laundry has been hung and I’ve spent the last 30 minutes outside wondering around. The weather seems nice; sunny but also a couple of clouds up there, a gentle breeze. 967 more words


A day in the life of author...Tracey Scott-Townsend

Hmm writing in a ‘shed’ with no wi-fi distractions may be the key to being more productive. Tracey, do share more about your day.

For a good deal of my writing life (which began full-time in 2010) my office has been a shed in the garden. 1,205 more words