#028: memory

okiedokes this will be a quick update before i go to sleep because there’s stuff i want to write here for posterity’s sake and i don’t want to lump it all together with the long & comprehensive post i will be doing for the first two weeks of classes… 673 more words

Ask Me About My Autism

Several months ago I posted an article called “When Is It Acceptable To Ask About My Asperger’s?” explaining that I’m happy to answer questions about how autism affects me when at work, blogging and doing training sessions and public speaking. 404 more words


Seeing through the Noise

I woke up to the cold breeze, accompanied by the noise of the children who were crossing this street on their way to the school. All of them dressed neatly, perhaps in their uniform. 381 more words

Short Stories

#027: american candy

yooo so i found myself with some extra time this evening since i didn’t go and ~socialize~ or play sports and i’m done with my readings for tomorrow earlier than i expected so i’ll take some time to finally blog about my experience at  763 more words

#024: contentment

welcome once again to an episode of wow, i showered too late so i’ve got to blog while waiting for my hair to dry so i can sleep properly… 517 more words

#021: musings

i’ve spent quite a number of hours alone in the past couple of days whether by choice or by circumstance and these are just a few stray thoughts i’ve penned down that i’d like to record (for posterity’s sake?? 711 more words

Slowing down time .....

Occasionally we all need to turn things down a notch or two.  To take time out to smell the flowers as it were.  Or in this case, to switch to super slow shutter speeds to catch the Kalk Bay harbour sentinels flashing simultaneously. 32 more words