Lusaka Days

Since our last blog in July, when we reported on the Durban 2016 International AIDS Conference, things have been very busy. After returning from the conference we were both pre-occupied with field work; travelling to our respective Health and Education Institutions for the second board meeting of the year. 784 more words

10.29.16 Recap

Man! It’s been one heck of a day, and I know the next three days will be pretty busy, too.

Last night mom and I spent time together talking and watching our favorite cooking shows (Chopped, Beat Bobby Flay & Halloween Wars). 598 more words


A Formal Introduction

Hello there, my name is Trevor Bookout. I really do enjoy writing a lot. So much in fact that I figured using this blog as an outlet for my thoughts and interests is just what I need in my life right now. 716 more words

The Cardinal Gift

Fearless Woman: Samantha R. Strazanac

Happy Fearless Woman Friday 💙

We finally made it to Friday.  Let’s celebrate with some inspiration!

This week on Fearless Woman, we introduce you to Samantha R. 71 more words

The Fearless Life

A day in the life of..... A Sling Librarian

I’ve done this kind of post before but it’s quite interesting to document what goes into organising a sling library.

And realistically it’s not just one day or done by one person- there’s social media, sling washing, selling of old slings and buying of new ones, answering queries, and we even managed a volunteers social last week too! 201 more words

Bracknell Sling Meet


Early morning in the Mother City and despite being dubbed “The Most Beautiful City in the World”, like any other city, the plight of the homeless is even more apparent at daybreak. 82 more words


Flashback to Yesteryear

Apartheid benches outside the High Court in Cape Town’s Queen Victoria Street serve as a chilling reminder of a bygone era in South Africa’s history. 27 more words