Day 4: Bullet your day

So first off, I am doing two posts today, I missed yesterday because it was so busy and by the time I could sit down and write, I went to sleep. 156 more words

Blog Challenge

Autism and Monotopic Processing (my experience)

Monotopic sensory processing is something I touched on briefly in a much earlier article “Ten Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Autism and Sensory Processing”. However, I didn’t really do it justice back then, and since sensory issues have become a much bigger deal for me I thought I’d write another article. 1,652 more words


A Day in the Life of: A Big.

A big is a mentor for those who are initiating into many different greek organizations. I am part of a college honors fraternity; Phi Sigma Pi. 729 more words


A Day in the Life of: THON 2015

One weekend every year Penn State students celebrate life and fight for those who inspire us every day. We fight for the kids, and for the cure. 2,036 more words


A Day in the Life of: a Resident Assistant

I have been a Resident Assistant at Penn State for two years. The experiences you have as a resident assistant are really interesting to say the least. 1,320 more words


If learning is a journey, what could be the story

Imagine that learning is no longer a burden but an interesting, challenging, fun trip on brain island and suppose you get control over your own learning. 546 more words


Sunday morning on the Kom

Kommetjie’s Slangkop Lighthouse is one of those iconic Cape Town landmarks that is photographed to death, but I still return time and again hoping for something exceptional.  68 more words