Journal Entry - 16/03/2018

Woke up rather early today because of the pain in my left ear. Had to soak up all the liquid that accumulated and it was painful touching it. 331 more words


Fuck Tha Police...

Im been having a really shit few days. The ex bail is due up tomorrow and im terrified. The officer phoned me on Sunday and told me they wont be going further in the investigation because Lucifers phone did not show any calls and it would be TOO EXPENSIVE for the next stage. 640 more words


Journal Entry - 15/03/2018

I haven’t been feeling well for the past month and a half. I can’t say that I’m feeling any better, but I decided to talk about it a little. 779 more words


I Spent The Day At The University of Memphis

This week is currently my Spring Break. And while a week off is a great time for me, others can’t say the same. For Spring Break, I decided to come home. 356 more words

Scenes from a Vietnamese Monastery

Taken in Huế in central Vietnam – December 2017.


Another one Bites the Dust......

No update from the police. Ive spoken to a ex policeman in work and hes given me advice, he reckons they should have done something now. 663 more words