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I may or may not live in Hogwarts.

Last night I got to see what is basically the Ivy League version of Kip’s.

This is the last time I will speak of that place. 262 more words

Bob Loblaw's Law Blog

He's a keeper

A Verb for Keeping Warm had the best Memorial Day sale.

Unfortunately, I was in Pasadena at the time, keeping busy listening to my grandma’s stories about all the foods I ate from ages 1-3 (there were a lot of foods, I was quite the impressive child), knitting my… 130 more words

Stash Acquisition

"At least it's not knitting"

me:  i want to send nimbus on yarnquest

do you think he is okay with that

Erik:  yes

me:  you know what he offered to do it last night… 58 more words