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Some Details Forgotten in Latest AB InBev Buy

Whenever one beer company takes over another, there is always reflection. Especially if it’s by someone like AB InBev.

What will happen to Brewery X? How will this impact their beer? 568 more words

A Few Words

The Open Door

There was a day not so long ago when I was feeling discouraged.
Grumpy even.

I was feeling sorry for myself,
muttering around alone in the sanctuary picking up used tissues, 450 more words


False Inwards #1

I haven’t written anything in a while.

Maybe it’s just that I got bored with my style.

It’s hard to find things that I want to express, 112 more words

A Few Words

A Few Words About Fitz And Anji

I want to add a few things when it comes to what I think about the relationship between Fitz and Anji and them as characters. Here we go. 1,285 more words

A Few Words

Your ugly monster

I created a monster nobody wants to love, so I’m off

Only you can help it, shit’s about to get nasty 109 more words

A Few Words


Control, don’t fall, look at everything

Fail, don’t say, forget what you’ve seen

Speak, freak! Just remember me 53 more words

A Few Words

Alo :)

I’m sure most of the people reading this already saw my other blog which was slaughtered by boredom and insanity.
I’m sorry for that.
This thing here, the one that you’re looking at not the words! 520 more words

A Few Words