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On form, a state that is no longer a state anymore, for I am no longer present.

I am currently reading a rather depressing account of the extinction of the creative persona, I say persona rather than person, because I find it nearly impossible to be in a constant state of creativity, without hurting oneself. 234 more words

A Few Words

A few words.

“The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”


The Man Behind the Motion

If he had it his way, the work that gained Trevor Carmick attention from renowned photographers to the New York Times never would have happened. 711 more words


One Second and Another

I have been considering time. There is a clock ticking in the corner of the room; I am siting in at present, and it is true, I could count each tick, but I have better things to do. 171 more words

A Few Words

I am increasingly becoming more certain that my parents settled on my name, rather than finding one they really liked.

I have been circling around the idea of names for some time now. I have never been particularly fond of my own name, and for some time after my birth I had existed nameless. 519 more words

A Few Words

A long confusing walk through the ghostly plane.

What is a real haunting? I find that it is not a mysterious specter, but rather a projection of your image of a life with a person that has been cut short. 459 more words

A Few Words

On love of language, specifically and love, generally

I have fallen on the topic of word snobbery, it is something I encounter in my studies into philosophy of language. Academics and lovers of literature have fallen into this attitude much as I fall into this topic, it is a casual acquaintance that builds with each encounter of it, and boils up until it must be addressed or else it will destroy. 164 more words

A Few Words