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I Didn't Know...

I didn’t know the last time I talked to my Mom that it would be the last time.

I can remember everything we talked about because, after she died, I found a note tucked in her calendar – her “brain” she used to call it.  627 more words

A Few Words

Two Thoughts for You

Thought One:

On my first day with my host family, I met Gisela. Gisela is my 7 year old neice. She would hide around corners and whisper curious questions about me to our family, but would never approach. 216 more words

A Few Words

The Life of a Professional Beer Taster

Ken Weaver gets a visit from Andy three or four times a week. It’s been this way for more than a year.

Occasionally they’ll see each other at Weaver’s favorite local bar, but almost exclusively, Andy stops by Weaver’s house in Petaluma, California. 1,163 more words



Once upon a time, I heard you speak; I thought you were really mean.

Man, if I’d just known, I would have never followed you. 89 more words

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A Few Words About Charley Pollard and Fitz Kreiner

It’s time for a few words about the ultimate showdown – who is the better companion for the Eighth Doctor, Charley Pollard or Fitz Kreiner? 1,772 more words

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So Reasonable or The Incredible Shrinking Woman

As we sit in the freezing courtroom, I whisper to the woman huddled next to me,

“What shall we pray for?”

She sits quietly shredding the balled up tissue clenched in her small hands. 768 more words

A Few Words

In That Instant

A deep so profound it pulls
at every fiber of your being.

Your senses strain for a wisp
of light, a photon, but this
darkness is something organic, 94 more words

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