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A Few Words...I have an horn, and I shall Toot It!

Okay, I write. I’m an Indie Author. Reviews are sacred and highly revered by us Indie Authors.  And, let’s be honest, they are hard to come by.   35 more words


From the Formless Void

Hello to you who found this site.  I hope that you have come seeking a podcast about tabletop roleplaying games, because that is what we are making. 132 more words

A Few Words

Did Jesus Dream?

Did Jesus dream while he lay in the tomb?

Did God send him dreams of clouds and glory
to make him sigh and smile?

Or, did Jesus dream of simpler things… 285 more words

A Few Words

A Few Words... I Hate Unicorns

Did that get your attention?  Good.

So, life sucks. I’ve been dealing with some craziness in my personal life as of late.  I won’t bore you, as it’s personal, and none of your business :) 1,058 more words


It begins...

This is your very first time seeing “VerityBlogs”, your new place to share your story baby! :) I hope that you really like it and that it helps you to relieve some of your tension and struggles, and send them out into the universe far away from our lives. 39 more words

A Few Words...

Flash Fiction: Clarabelle

This is a very short story I wrote yesterday.  This one woke me up in the middle of the night.  I had to email myself so I’d remember it. 795 more words


A Few Words...

WARNING: Rant-ish sort of nonsense is written below.  Read at your own risk.  It really has no direction.

I’m in a mood. There, I said it. 225 more words

A Few Words