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So Reasonable or The Incredible Shrinking Woman

As we sit in the freezing courtroom, I whisper to the woman huddled next to me,

“What shall we pray for?”

She sits quietly shredding the balled up tissue clenched in her small hands. 768 more words

A Few Words

In That Instant

A deep so profound it pulls
at every fiber of your being.

Your senses strain for a wisp
of light, a photon, but this
darkness is something organic, 94 more words

Creative Writing

I went to GABF with a Plan. I Found This Story Instead.

I may have made a beer fest faux pas. I had a plan for the Great American Beer Festival.

Not necessarily a long, marked up sheet with beers I wanted to try – that can simply be disastrous with the pressure you put on yourself – but a short list of breweries I wanted to see. 601 more words


Wish treat

When I look at your wishes I see nothing,

just plane gray bluffing.

Please, give yourself half a minute,

don’t open the parachute. 50 more words

A Few Words

The Pleasant Distraction

Best beer blog: 1st place @BryanDRoth, 2nd place @BeerHereWriter, 3rd place @beerbabe & honorable mention @Brookston. Congrats!

— Beer Writers Guild (@nagbw) …

439 more words

My Son's Field of Dreams

(Picture, “The Little Prince”)

My son is the one on the Flag Football Field
staring into the night sky looking for stars.

He’s the one listening so intently to the cicada’s siren song… 218 more words

A Few Words

I am a little concerned by words as of late.

I feel words have lost collective meaning. I am not a stickler on definitions and believe in common usage. You must know I am not a snobbish word fanatic. 185 more words

A Few Words