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Void Castles

I am building a castle made of air, nobody’ll tell me it was never there.

It has walls made of hurricanes, I can feel them, they say they’ll never keep me away. 97 more words

A Few Words

A Few Words...Implanted Microchips and a Free Story Part 4

Just in case anyone is actually reading this story, I figured I give you the rest.


—Chapter 4—

Laura Weatherby had been soundly sleeping in her extended stay hotel room, just on the outskirts of Clayton.  5,547 more words


A Few Words...Implanted Micro-chips? A Free Story part 3

Part 3 of my free story about micro-chip implants and such.  Enjoy.


—Chapter 3—

Jacob Gemmen was a financial genius.  Having worked his way up the ladder of success within many of the Silicone Valley tech companies, he had known a smart investment when he saw it.  3,433 more words


A Few Words...Implanted Microchips and a Free story part 2


—Chapter 2—

Federal Bureau of Investigations Criminal Profiler Laura Weatherby had been with the Agency for twenty-nine years, 2 months and 6 days; not that she was counting.  3,489 more words


A Few Words...Implanted Microchips and a Free story part 1

A company in Wisconsin is offering to implant microchips in their employees.


That is just downright creepy.  Not only is it an invasion of your privacy, but it’s gotta be a sign of the end times, right??? 2,992 more words


Personalized Searches

Or “I want to stick with only what I know, I absolutely am not looking for anything I don’t know or have, and I certainly don’t want to know about a service or product that I haven’t just searched for, unless I want my entire search history to be kept permanently.” 185 more words


A Few Words About Everything I Hate in Moffat's Who

After seeing the trailer for the Christmas special I got seriously triggered. I decided against making this post but I cannot help it this time. 2,221 more words

A Few Words