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The Death of an Indie Author

Interesting story I thought I’d pass along.  Fortunately no one really died.  Just their spirit for writing.

The Death of an Indie Author

Once upon a time there was a man that dreamed of being an author.  563 more words

Indie Author

A Few Words: Great Find!

I love books.

I frequent used book stores as often as possible.

This weekend, I got lucky and found something great.

Raymond E. Feist is one of my favorite authors.   73 more words


A Few Words: Boredom

I am bored.

Boredom is my life.

My life is boredom.

Two boredoms walk into a bar.  One boredom says to the other boredom.  You bored? 177 more words

A Few Words

A Few Words: Treasured Gifts

Whether or not you’re a Christian, this blog speaks to the book lover out there.  Yes, I am a Christian, and not afraid to say it.   203 more words

A Few Words

'Nobody' Cares About Independence in Beer

OK clickbait LOL headline is a J/K

Sort of.

Over on Good Beer Hunting today I’ve got a think piece that works to deconstruct the word choice beer enthusiasts have been obsessing over in recent months. 523 more words


Great blog post about all the stuff AFTER you've written your book...

So you’ve written a book. Yay, you! Celebrate that bad boy and ring some bells! Shoot some fireworks (unless you’re in a burn ban – hello midwestern U.S.A.)!

40 more words
A Few Words

Book of Sayings (On Truth)

Book of Sayings (3)

about names and thought*

today there are hurried motions
in no direction, though
that sullen half-silence turns
quickly to rage if even slightly… 90 more words