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Me and My Good Friend, Job, Sitting in the Ashes...Again

Jacob’s Blessing*

Is that IT?

 That I want someone to tell me

that this gets easier?

 This wrestling with the Word

This wrestling with God… 272 more words


Consuming the Feminine

The smacking of your lips,

The sucking of your fingertips,

My God, I am being consumed.

Lips nothing more than flapping skin,

Teeth long since lost their bite, 82 more words

A Few Words

A Few Words About A Female Doctor

Or to be more precise – a few words about a female actress playing the Doctor since he isn’t male or female. 772 more words

A Few Words

A Few Words About Moffat and Chibnall

I just saw the happy news roaming about Facebook. Steven Moffat is finally leaving! But the news isn’t that happy at all… 693 more words

A Few Words

I have been thinking on Metaphors, they are dangerous, or are they?

Every once in awhile I get a craving for understanding metaphors. It is not the same as an etymological urge. Something more…when word creation is not enough to express our world views, we depend upon metaphor. 377 more words

A Few Words

Another poem I found in the Oxford English Dictionary, I was searching for it.

I am pathetic.

I arouse pity especially through vulnerability or sadness.

I am miserably inadequate.

I relate to the emotions.

I am ‘sensitive suffering’.
I am pathetic.

A Few Words

An ancestral line of bullshit

I am a storyteller, from a long and ancient line of bullshitters. I have a grandfather who spins the same pattern of stories like a well trained weaver who long lost his creative edge. 525 more words

A Few Words