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I Almost Lost My Family

I was awoken at 3:40am by my husband who said, “I need to go to the ER. It’s my heart”  We had gone through this before when I was 6 months pregnant. 348 more words

A Fib

Health Monitoring - Heart

Mom and Dad did not plan on getting old, and they did not plan on declining health. In fact they seem ashamed to admit when they don’t feel right or when they need help. 837 more words

Mass Screening for Untreated Atrial Fibrillation

The medical care industry just cannot get enough screenings done to people, even though most rational thinkers on healthcare believe we are doing too much screening. 77 more words

Heart Disease

Dysfunctional Heart Now Functions, Thanks to Valuable Skills

Dysfunctional Heart Now Functions, Thanks to Valuable Skills

by Mary Ellen Stepanich

You haven’t seen my posts for a while, and here’s the reason why. 1,576 more words

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Is There a Definitive Test for A Fib (or Atrial Fibrillation)?

Is there?

Sadly, it’s not that cut and dry.

I didn’t have any inkling I had it until EKG class in paramedic school. Our instructor Mike Fisher at Greenville Technical College had me volunteer for the other students to hook up on the old Lifepac 5 monitor. 213 more words


My Doctor and Me -- A Partnership

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Feeling so much better. Got an appointment with my own doctor Thursday evening. By then, I was on the upswing but still not my usually fun-filled self. 521 more words

Batteries For The Body

Dr. Kellis, Father of Risotriene and Essential Seven, coupled with my 13 years experience with vitamins, minerals and other supplements Dr. Kellis  was involved in the creation. 429 more words

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