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The Big Short- Movie Review

The Big Short is not only the funniest movie of the year, but its also the most thought provoking, and in turn the most terrifying. Set within the world of a pending financial meltdown, the film’s story of the men combating the big banks isn’t just a great story, but a time capsule of an era, and a staggering array of satire. 287 more words


The Wages of Fear (1953, Henri-Georges Clouzot)

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If Henri-Georges Clouzot’s stark Diabolique was wicked, The Wages of Fear is grueling sadism. It’s difficult for even a seasoned viewer of thrillers to name another film whose audience is so gleefully tortured, taunted and mocked. 482 more words

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'Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation' immerses you into a smart and suspenseful movie experience that will take your breath away


This time, for the fifth installment of the Mission Impossible franchise, the Impossible Missions Force (IMF) is under attack. Because of its “reckless operations” in the past, the FBI wants to take it down. 1,022 more words

Jordan Randles

The Private Life of Henry VIII (1933, Alexander Korda)

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As a rule, Hollywood upholds masculinity; patriarchal status quo finds few enemies in the decades-spanning annals of tough-guy action pictures and virile romances. 836 more words

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The Last Command (1928, Josef von Sternberg)

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Josef von Sternberg’s touchstone masterpiece The Last Command is built on a sort of meta-narrative; because it is very much a movie about moviemaking, specifically about Hollywood moviemaking, it sometimes seems — like another, much later Paramount production, … 1,325 more words

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Wild Strawberries (1957, Ingmar Bergman)

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Dreams, they say, are the mind’s way of dealing with images that would be disturbing or incomprehensible without the kind of ghostly logic that ties them together in our unconscious. 688 more words

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Shadow of a Doubt (1943, Alfred Hitchcock)

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Saboteur had been Alfred Hitchcock’s first truly American thriller; casting the U.S. from California to New York as a travelogue equivalent to the urban England and rural Scotland of The 39 Steps, it firmly established that the suspense director could transplant his scrappiest, breeziest sensibility to Hollywood. 3,100 more words

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