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My Review of: Annihilation (15)

Annihilation is something else. It is a film that transcends even the strangest and most sought-after Science Fiction stories of this century. There are things in this film that I cannot describe, some so mesmerising, it would be like trying to paint a picture of the entire universe on one blank canvas. 1,181 more words


My Review of: All the Money in the World (15)

Ridley Scott has already wowed and mystified us with his work on bring the Alien back to life in Alien: Covenant earlier in 2017, but now, it is time to see if he still has it, when confronted with a comparatively smaller production. 1,190 more words


L'Atalante (1934, Jean Vigo)

!!! A+ FILM !!!

In all its strangeness and irrationality, L’Atalante is one of the best movies about romantic love ever made, and one of the best examples in cinema of numerous unresolved contradictions refined into inexplicable perfection: it’s a surrealist piece that never breaks from settings and people that are basically ordinary, a drama that places deep, conflicted human emotions on their deserved pedestal that’s nonetheless funnier and more spontaneous than many comedies, and it’s unmistakably a product of youth and of another time that’s nevertheless startling in its wisdom and prescience. 1,211 more words

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Call Me By Your Name- Movie Review

Call Me By Your Name is a sublime sensual masterpiece and one of the most beautiful cinematic coming of age stories ever made, matching wonderful performances with a gorgeous view of the Italian landscape. 149 more words


Lady Bird- Movie Review

Lady Bird is more than just a great coming of age story- it’s something more special than that. There’s a purity, an honesty to the film’s story that is nice, but as the film goes on, it’s evident that it’s just a piece of great filmmaking. 251 more words


Sabotage (1936, Alfred Hitchcock)

!!! A+ FILM !!!

The fourth film in Alfred Hitchcock’s so-called “thriller sextet,” the six fast-moving, reputation-making suspense pictures he made for the Gaumont studio in the middle to late 1930s, is unquestionably the darkest of all, and the most quintessentially British. 2,512 more words

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Last Flag Flying- Movie Review

Last Flag Flying is one of the most devastating films of the past few years, an absolutely brutally honest film about the realities of life, service, and honesty, told with a grace and maturity that Richard Linklater has mastered in his many years as a filmmaker. 295 more words