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Ed Wood (1994, Tim Burton)

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Tim Burton never worked especially hard to come out from under stereotypes about his work. By the time of his sixth feature Ed Wood, his aesthetic was all but set in stone: a cute if juvenile attachment to the macabre atmospheres of Gothic horror and German Expressionist silent films, with touches of bad 1950s sci-fi, Roald Dahl’s fiction and the live action cartoon (think The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. 3,631 more words

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The Wind (1928, Victor Sjöström)

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For all the fairground amusement Hollywood was only too happy to provide, certain American films in the last few years of the 1920s demonstrated just how creatively ambitious cinema had become during the first decade of features. 3,152 more words

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Arrival- Movie Review

The last few years have been quite a renaissance of modern science fiction filmmaking, with films like Gravity, Interstellar, The Martian, Ex Machina, and Midnight Special proving that originality is not dead. 291 more words


My review of: Arrival (12A)

My Review of: Arrival (12A)

Science Fiction films made today appear to be dominated by VFX stunts and action, with little regard for the content of the story and lacking originality in their design. 1,172 more words


The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928, Carl Theodor Dreyer)

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For a person who isn’t religious, it can be tricky to describe spiritual or transcendent experiences in art and film. Of course they exist, they affect a broad number of people very differently (it does not seem to me that one can “decide” to create them), and in the case of a work that intends to evoke the emotions of a person who claimed to be touched by and in communication with God, they edge close to blurring lines of secularism if rendered effectively. 1,548 more words

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Manchester by the Sea- Movie Review

There’s a scene about halfway through Manchester by the Sea where Patrick, played by Lucas Hedges, breaks down crying. It’s sudden, as if the emotional stimulation is too much for him to handle. 437 more words


Blackmail (1929, Alfred Hitchcock)

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The advent of sound pictures in the late 1920s was the first sudden and complete transformation of the film industry, and thus far the last. 3,666 more words

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