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My Review of: Atomic Blonde (15)

When John Wick was first released in 2014, the world was introduced to a new kind of action film; R-rated, highly stylised, lots of subtlety and bags and bags of action. 1,343 more words


The 39 Steps (1935, Alfred Hitchcock)

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By no means is The 39 Steps, an everyman-caught-up-in-intrigue narrative of the first order, the first great Alfred Hitchcock film; both… 4,219 more words

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Sisters of the Gion (1936, Kenji Mizoguchi)

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The original intention of this blog was to share my progress as I moved through the canon of classic world cinema; as it turns out, for much of the time I find myself uncomfortable speaking at length about films I have newly discovered, even if I truly love them. 1,436 more words

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Dunkirk- Movie Review

Dunkirk is phenomenal, a gripping war epic from Christopher Nolan that is both thrilling in a untraditional sense and throughly emotional, despite not connecting to any one particular character. 240 more words


Broadcast News (1987, James L. Brooks)

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“I just wanna be alone right now.”
“It’s okay. I’ll go with you.”

James L. Brooks is a maverick humanist, if a deeply skeptical one, which means that his carefully detailed work seems autobiographical even when it almost certainly isn’t. 4,692 more words

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Bullets Over Broadway (1994, Woody Allen)

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In the context of Woody Allen’s career, Bullets Over Broadway is roughly equivalent to Hitchcock’s The Trouble with Harry — not in the sense of genre but in the sense that both films are meditations on the nature of art, and in the end they come to opposite conclusions. 1,462 more words

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Paper Moon (1973, Peter Bogdanovich)

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Peter Bogdanovich made a movie between The Last Picture Show and Paper Moon (it was What’s Up, Doc? starring Barbra Streisand), but you’d never know it. 1,533 more words

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