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Training: Run Sweeping Sequences and Tight Turns

Check out this training course by Elaine Rinicker, BSc, ABC-DT, CCFT. Elaine set this up for her students and the sweeping, speedy sections in the opening and closing were nicely balanced by the tricky, tight section in the middle. 192 more words


Textile Table Prototype and Modeling the Exhibit – Jordan Gulbronson – Week 07 PPJ

It finally feels like we are beginning production. This week some major progress was made by the development team that pushed us much closer to our goal of finishing the quarter with prototypes of our exhibit interactions. 463 more words

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3 Ways to Maximize Your "Black Friday" Signage

Black Friday is only a week away and you can already feel the holiday excitement in the air.  If you’re a local retailer though, it can be tough to compete with the huge Black Friday sales at the bigger stores.  381 more words


WebVR is a piece of cake

Virtual reality is an one of the hot topic these days.It is true that VR was invented long time ago but it developed and popular recently because new VR headsets like HTC vive,google daydream etc.But people have wrong idea that VR is something difficult to do and they think we need lot of knowledge of programming for that.For those questions Mozilla gave a good solution by introducing A-Frame . 652 more words


Eating Out: A-Frame

Brunch: the best meal, because everyone can get what they want. Sweet, savory, it’s got it all. So, when someone proposes brunch, I tend to be in. 367 more words


The road to carpet!

We think we reached a pretty big milestone! We had carpet installed! So much work had to happen to get ready for carpet. Each room had to be totally ready: painted, repairs when needed and cleaned. 851 more words

Original House Features

House Plan #56!

House plan #56 is now available, click on House Plans above for the page link with pictures. So it’s been ages since the last house plan and I’m back with a vacation home. 41 more words

The Sims 4