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A New Start

Yes, it is finally happening. Or actually, it has happened. I uploaded my very first YouTube video on Saturday! Here it is:

Have you just actually watched it? 163 more words

Why so many bags...

It’s been a week of firsts…

First time we mowed the lawn, first time I had a huge spider run up my leg while gardening, first meeting of the neighbours, first splinter of the course (sustained on day one!), first time Chris has attended a talk from a nurse where finger loss was mentioned and the appropriate ‘digit bag’ was learned about (There was a discussion after about why there were so many bags?!) and of course the very first complete week of the fine furniture course! 398 more words


All in...

It’s happened we have moved! We now live in Bulli! I am commuting into the fine city of Sydney and Chris starts his fine furniture making course at Sturt School for Wood next week! 438 more words

Fresh Start

Price shavings, heirlooms and good news!

It’s a rainy Sunday and this week we have made some exciting progress but before I tell you about that I want to stop and appreciate the fine tool purveyors we have had the pleasure of dealing with so far. 461 more words


Starting the new year...

Well, it hasn’t quite started as planned.

A beautiful (albeit very different) Christmas season and lovely New Year’s Day (and birthday!) was followed by me succumbing to the flu and missing the first work day of the new year – not my style.   410 more words


A fresh start

2014 was not an easy year (not to mention very expensive!)… the highlights; stress and anxiety, complete roof replacement, a ceiling collapse (while twins were sleeping in there), a disaster of a holiday, six weeks of the twins with tonsillitis leading to a knock to my confidence, many boiler fixes leading to boiler replacement, four broken radiators, endless leaky plumbing, major damp issues in the bathroom leading to completely gutting the room and refit over and over and over, a two month delay due to a plumber off long term sick, temporarily moving out, lots of difficult and some upsetting discussions with various plumbers, damp specialists, insurers, contractors, retailers etc.  221 more words

Blogging: A new way of travelling?

To put it out there, I do not blog, look at blogs or know anything about blogging. But if its not obvious enough, this is going to change. 237 more words