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[A Game] Part 3

Mr. I’m-Not-an-Observant

We still had lunch together, sharing food, drink, and even gossip. But something was different now. Maia started to put make up on, she shortened her skirt uniform, even she wore softlense now a grey one, she dyed her hair with a brighter colour. 1,894 more words


[A Game] Part 2

What Girls Do for Boys

He didn’t even say thank you to Maia the next day, next week, next month. Instead, he started to date Natasha Millard a week after Maia gave him a present. 542 more words


[A Game] Part 1


The first time I saw him just because one of my bestfriend pointed out him to me. She had a big crush on him from the first day of school. 1,570 more words


The Motivated Women, How To Be On Your A+ Game

Life can get real hectic, real fast. Negative situations happen in our lives and it’s inevitable. Whether you just broke up with your boo, or just simply going through a troubling time-period in your life, motivation is what fuels us to look past our situations and continue on to achieve great things. 447 more words



David Stuart Littlewood, 21.03.1930 – 25.12.2017 surrounded by his apprentices.

From the left, yours truly, Dad, Nathan, Simon and Tim. Abi, our sister, sadly passed away in 2008 so the picture above is incomplete. 372 more words



I see untamed hair
An uncropped image
The shame of imperfection
Pale body deficient in
Holding its A game
Without straining
Unsupervised shoulders droop
Causing a gut reaction… 41 more words