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The Perks of Being a Writer and a Fun Little Game

There are many perks to being a writer. You can commit murder and get away with it. (On paper, mind you). The fate of your characters lie in the palms of your hands. 430 more words


Bring Your A-Game.

I am an achiever—Strengths Finder 2.0 told me so, twice. So naturally the minute summer hits, I find myself basking in the freedom, oh, for about a day or two until something inside me becomes restless and uneasy because I no longer have something I need to achieve each day.  418 more words

The Conflict

Five million words I have heard in my lifetime. My mind has thus been arranged by this world.

 Through an endless flood tide of pain and negativity being expressed by all seeking their relief, I have been formed into both hardened rock and retreating tears. 144 more words

TAG Gaming is Actual Gaming: The Beginning of Something BIG!

What’s going on Gamers! TheActualGamer here to inform you guys about a little something special going on right now: TAG Gaming. Aka Actual Gaming; the beginning of something BIG. 674 more words

Actual Gaming

Change For Good

My cousin sent me this great article from WebMD on motivation. It’s short and sweet and to the point on why change doesn’t stick.

Here’s an excerpt: 573 more words

I Am

Review PlayStation TV


Sony PlayStation has conducted a series of devices that have changed the way we play games and video experience.

In 1994, PlayStation introduced us to the PlayStation console 1. 1,114 more words

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