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A Game

Y o u   w i s h   t o   p l a y   a   g a m e ?
A r e   y o u   s u r e   y o u   w i s h   t o   d o   t h a t   t o   y o u r   n a m e , 263 more words

[A Game] Part 8

When You Loose Someone in a Flash, Life is Like a Dream

It’s been two weeks since I join Ted and his SU volunteering, and I’m glad he asked me to join them. 1,353 more words


[A Game] Part 7

Logan Williams

Big news! They broke up! Yes, that guy, with Natasha Millard. And Maia almost screams it out loud when she told me this news. 2,016 more words


[A Game] Part 6

The Thing That You Let Go But it Comes Back to You Anyway

I hate the fact that I still remember that day Daren told Ollie to exclude me. 1,180 more words


[A Game] Part 5

Maybe I Should Stop

I will never beat Cynthia Park. She’s half Korean, and she’s the most beautiful girl in our team. I will never win this war. 2,091 more words


[A Game] Part 4

Don’t Tell Him

Describe Daren. He’s tall, pale skin, thick eyebrows with bold and square spectacles, medium short blonde hair. He’s not into sport but a bookworm and a science freak. 1,986 more words


[A Game] Part 3

Mr. I’m-Not-an-Observant

We still have lunch together, sharing food, drink, and even gossip. But something was different now. Maia starts to put make up on, she shortened her skirt uniform, and even she wears softlenses now. 1,898 more words