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Sunday Bubbles - Books?

Happy Sunday! <3

I sort of need your help?
As some of my posts suggest, I am a book lover, or a bookworm. Seriously.
Honestly I would probably waste my life away reading if I didn’t have other things to do every now and then. 394 more words


The Chasm

Swaying giddily, Elliot watched as wreaths of smoke began to rise up from the black depths below, twisting and curling in on themselves until they floated in front of him. 513 more words

Green Water

Green water bay;
a wistful burn
beside a heavy longing
I wither for I yearn.
A crawling understanding;
by a careful mind
I slayed my blindness… 69 more words


I am

I am a petal
blowing softly across the street
colliding with the wind
drifting endlessly.

I am a flower
peaking out from behind;
a dead mans rib cage… 36 more words


Book Review: Rumors of Glory by Dietmar Wehr (Three Stars)

Book Review: Rumors of Glory (The System States Rebellion Book 1) by Dietmar Wehr

Three Stars out of Five

Competent space opera. The opening round of an extended series (Wehr’s Synchronicity series ran to four volumes), this tale sets up the future conflict between am Earth-led Federation of planets and a breakaway group of planets, along the lines of America exiting the British Empire in the eighteenth century, all made possible by the discovery of faster-than-light drives late in the 21st century. 139 more words

Ron Andrea

The Keep

As the portcullis finished its ascent, the doors it protected swung silently open revealing the castle’s courtyard beyond. With shaking legs, Elliot took first one step, then another and after peering out mouse like from the huge doorway he stepped out into the courtyard. 443 more words

A Good Read