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Five Media Lessons From Donald Trump

Alan Cross shared this link today. Some interesting and valid points about dealing with the media.

Five Media Lessons From Donald Trump
*Please note – sharing this link does not mean that I support Donald Trump in anyway. 

Every person in the music industry needs to watch Jessica Hopper’s speech from BIGSOUND

Eric Alper posted this earlier this week and suggested that everyone in the music industry needed to see this…so I’m doing my part and sharing it so others can see it. 50 more words

A Good Read

Why Music Sucks...

I subscribe to Bob Lefsetz’s “LefsetzLetters”. I don’t always agree with some of his points but every once and a while he NAILS it right on the head. 1,394 more words

Pic of the day..

PeCaPeCa…well Daddy went on an outing to see another one of his great grandson’s and it’s a the Pic of the day…Awesomeness…look at that grin on Daddy’s face…and of course a close second..pic..mom..grand mom..so proud of them all..my family… 110 more words

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Producer vs. Co-Writer

I’ve always respected Kurt Dahl from One Bad Son for not only being a kick ass drummer, but also for being a damn smart lawyer. He recently wrote an article that not only helped clarify things when it comes to this topic but it is also going to be printed in Drum Magazine around the world. 8 more words

This was my first ever blog post...

I wrote this post all the way back in April, when I could never even have imagined that I would have stuck around this long! I did imagine that I might have been a total internet sensation (sob sob but didn’t we all?!). 581 more words


Top 5 Bookish Highlights from 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

May 2016 be filled with plot twists, superb writing and great bookish conversation! But first, a quick look back at last year. 382 more words