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The Man Who Murdered His Own Son Got a Reduced Sentence, His Ex-Wife Stated: It’s Too Lenient

Here comes the V-E-R-D-I-C-T, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Chen suspected his wife of being unfaithful to him, at the start of this year, he’d told her, that he wanted to die with her, and managed, to stab his own eldest son who tried to protect his mother to death; the hospital found, that he showed signs of mental disorder, and the Shihlin District Courts believed that he fitted the requirements for a reduced sentence, charged him with murder and mandated that he serve in jail for fourteen years. 447 more words

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The 12 July Orange Order Demonstrations: A History of Violence.

The Orange Order is symbolic of an age of Orange rule that did not treat their fellow countrymen in a kind manner. Belfast, The City Hall and the annual parades (when Nationalists were brushed off their own streets by the Order controlled RUC to allow the parades to pass) are reminders of a time of the great and powerful “Orange North” when every seat in parliament including the Prime Minister of the north of Ireland was a member of the Order and no cog moved within the machine unless the Grand Masters said otherwise. 836 more words


A History Of Violence

I watched A History Of Violence last night…I don’t know what happened to Viggo Mortensen, but he needs to comeback. This film was pretty awesome 10 years ago, and still is today. 174 more words

A History of Violence

Tom Stall (Viggo Mortensen) is not who he says he is and it makes for a very intense movie. My first exposure to the actor/ director team of Viggo Mortensen and David Cronenberg was their very awesome/ super taught crime thriller  577 more words


Drawn to Comics June 2015


June 18th is officially Superman’s birthday (also marked as the day he was adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent)! Learn more Superman trivia from Newsarama.com’s article… 365 more words

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Top 10 Gangster Movies

                I have always been fascinated with everything Mafia.  I was young when I started watching old gangster films on television and even watching gangster shows like the reboot of The Untouchables series, which was really good, in 1993.  1,149 more words


Drawn to Comics April 2015

Check out the graphic novels that inspired your favorite movies! April’s Drawn to Comics features gritty, brutal graphic novels that inspired award-winning feature films.

V for Vendetta… 752 more words

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