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A Man Was Mocked “to Only Have the Abilities to Urinate Left”, He’d HACKED His Wife Up

This, I would imagine, would be, a build-up, to murder???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A sixty-three year-old man, Chang, early yesterday morning, used a kitchen knife, hacked his fifty-nine year-old wife to death, afterwards, he’d attempted suicide by crushing himself down with the steel gates, but because it was too painful, he couldn’t do it, he’d called the police; he’d falsely claimed to the police, that his wife would often come home in the middle of the nights, that early yesterday morns, she’d headed out again, he’d suspected she was having an affair, and she’d insulted him by saying, “you only have the ability to urinate left”, he couldn’t withhold his own anger, that, was why he’d gone to get the kitchen knife, and, hacked his own wife to death. 447 more words

Properties Of Life

2005 Project Batch 1: A History of Violence, War of the Worlds, Me and You and Everyone We Know

In recent years, a side project of mine has become trying to figure out what is the best film of my lifetime. I know it’s a ridiculous thing to try to accomplish, but for a list-obsessive like me, it’s the equivalent of spending every day at Disneyland. 788 more words

2005 Films

The 500 Film Challenge

For every one who dares to admit it, 500 films in a year is quite a stretch. But anyway I have always likened my relationship with film to that of a man with his mistress: urged by a distinct satisfaction she promises and seduced by the fantastic recluse of her company. 275 more words

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A Man Felt Displeased in an Altercations, He Tossed His Dog from the Fourth Floor, Over Ten Thousand Members of the Online Community Started Talking

This is, SCAPEGOATING AT its worst, and now, he’s getting SHOT by the online community!!!  From the Newspapers, translated…

A man in his forties, Lee, two days ago, after he got drunk and had an altercation with his girlfriend, he got angry and tossed the dog from his fourth floor balcony, after the dog hit the ground level, it’d barfed up blood then died.   386 more words


People Like Me: The Career of David Cronenberg

David Cronenberg’s career can be split down the middle, one half blood-and-gut splattered, heads blown off in “Scanners,” genders swapped in “Videodrome,” genes mutated resulting in the manifestation of the grotesque, the physically repulsive in “The Fly.” The other half is a much more subdued horror. 734 more words


A History of Violence (2005)

Often considered David Cronenberg’s “most accessible” film (highlighted in a DVD Special Feature entitled “Too Commercial for Cannes”), A History of Violence is a darkly comic neo-noir tale chronicling a clash of a folksy Indiana town family and the ugly features of organized crime. 300 more words

Film Review

A History of Violence (2005)

Title: A History of Violence
Director: David Cronenberg
Distributor: New Line Cinema
Year: 2005
Grade: A-
Comments: The story line following his nerd/wuss son is laughably lame, but the rest of the film is a nearly flawless execution of modern neo-noir crime drama. 17 more words