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The Jiggling Is Almost Hypnotic

So it has been three weeks after my surgery, and I am still – amazingly – following doctor’s orders. That includes walking every day, and my strength is slowly building. 312 more words

Sunday Services

My Take On Drumpf

I should be paid millions for what I’m about to explain.

Donald Drumpf is excelling at the polls and at the caucuses and at the debates and at the strip malls because of some very basic things: 1,093 more words

Well duh, study finds hanging around A-holes depresses you

Here’s today’s COMMENT FROM AN OLD BLACK FART. A prof at Vanderbilt University conducted a study to find out if hanging around high status folk makes one happy. 698 more words

Whatever happens, don't be an arsehole!

Today was not my finest moment.

Have you ever had days where you feel like a pressure cooker simmering away under the surface, just waiting to explode and all it can take is the wrong  look or tone or even smell?!   286 more words


PSA Regarding The Other Day When I Was Mad At The World.

Dear Reader who I know isn’t an A-Hole,

So listen, I was mad at the world the other day about all the awful things that have been happening lately and wrote a blog that was neither funny nor too funny. 117 more words