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People can seriously make my blood boil.

I advised you that I was attending a very important game yet you choose to schedule a trip which will now conflict with mine. Seriously? Should I really forgive your selfishness (aka as mindlesness)? 153 more words


You Suck At Customer Service.

Per our friends at Wikipedia: “Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation.” 1,186 more words

What an A-hole

A belief has worked its way into my psyche – a basic understanding, what seems to have become a standard way of thinking. People are A-holes. 1,323 more words


Tuesday, health: not good, mood: depressed, energy: low

Well, it went, I’m not really sure of how, because the thing is still open. Came home about 6pm, went straight to bed, woke up a couple of times because had heartburn, bad, but let’s say I slept about 20 hours, more or less, now is 2:20pm pst, and I feel still tired, but at least had enough energy to get off the bed. 1,042 more words

Banking Mafia

Friday, Health: stable, mood: discouraged, energy: low

Anyhow, back here, 2am pst, after short nap, 142 over 92, not that bad, back to the parsonage:

Reddiito di Inclusione Sociale

This racket there, marxicato mandarins plus catomafia mandarins, (they have one my email addresses, interesting,) want a signature for their petition. 2,346 more words

Banking Mafia

Tuesday, Health: not so good, mood: upset, energy: low

Well, is 1:11am pst, can not sleep so here I am. Consideration of he day, this life is not worth living, in the current cato/christian mafia sub-culture, which promotes the pareto optimal distribution of 80% idiots for 20% of crooks. 1,794 more words

Banking Mafia

Wednesday, Health: better, mood: not there, energy: low

Well, slept all night this time, so the problem is actually taking one of my medications in the mornings, is 7:20 pst, took the second batch of medications, 152 over 95, better, since the changes, will check in an hour the effects of the new medication added. 3,161 more words

Banking Mafia