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Modern Science Has Turned Us Into Wimps,Push Through The Pain with the Martial Arts

Universal to All Martial Arts

Although style and philosophies of martial arts vary, there are some universal benefits.

  1. You will become more fit.  Your heart rate will improve and your stamina will increase.
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There are hundreds of different holistic treatment options- after all you’re each a unique individual, right?  I’ve only touched on just the tip of the iceberg below. 653 more words

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Introduction to Holistic Healing.

What Jim and millions of other Americans have recently been learning is that there is another option out there.  This new idea of holistic healing incorporates all aspects of a person- the mind, body, and spirit.  203 more words

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Quiz your body, quiz your mind.

Interested in knowing more about how your chakras? Like how weak or strong they are or even how in the heck you can help yourself open them in order to achieve the mind, body balance everyone craves? 368 more words

Have you checked YOUR chakras lately?

No, a chakra isn’t a part of your car that needs a yearly upgrade. Your chakras are focal point centers located on different areas of the body. 623 more words

Five Rites (Plus One)

How to practice the five rites (correctly):                     

First, it is important to have enough space to lie down. Having a mat or towel to lie on will make the routine more comfortable for your body. 703 more words

A Holistic You

Middle-Aged Man Searches for New Pain-Relieving Options

Jim woke up with back pain everyday for 15 years.  He had no idea where it was coming from, or how to ease the discomfort. 210 more words

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