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Scrutiny can work

Surveys are not always reliable.  Yet if you asked the usual representative sample how they liked to spend time, attending local authority committee meetings is unlikely to score highly. 667 more words

Exeter City Council

Good things.

Adventures. New places. Old places. New faces. Old faces. New friendships. Deep conversations. Getting to know someone new. Questions. Laughter. Sunsets. Sunrises. The smell of the sea. 178 more words


A revelation

I feel a valid emptiness.

It completes me.

I do not know why it is there,

But I acknowledge it and

It acknowledges me.

I say hello and it echo’s back with several others. 139 more words

A Journey To Somaliland: Africa's Self-Made Country

Unlike Somalia, Somaliland is peaceful and stable and a functioning government is in charge. The country has an elected parliament and president. 201 more words

About Somaliland

The Catalyst

A few years ago, I used to write more poems, notes and essays. However, for reasons I myself cannot really understand why, I have less and less urge to write and to express my feelings and thoughts in writings nowdays. 1,295 more words


the yoga of life

A friend asked me if he can re-post this note I wrote a few years back. I was quite reluctant at first because it was a little bit more personal, but also because I was not sure that it is relevant anymore. 1,556 more words


How dense can we be?

There is resistance to high density housing.  Perhaps it’s in the descriptor.  More likely it’s memories of the poorly-designed high-rise blocks built in the 1960s and 1970s to which families were relocated from older inner city housing (“slum clearance” as the planners and local politicians liked to call it).  1,283 more words

Exeter City Council