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'Enjoy the ride'

BROWSING through the web, a few days back, I began to Google and explore something different, something random, but in fact something I’ve never actually looked in to before, and it was definitely interesting to see. 354 more words


Walking Meditation

Walking meditation is a bridge between formal sitting meditation and informal meditation in everyday activities. It is also useful if you want to meditate for long periods continuously. 269 more words

Dharma View

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Through it all... the Journey

For the battle weary, the broken, the soul weary, the hurting;
For the heartache, the lonely, and the despised;
You make me brave… It is well… 267 more words

Who are we? On this Journey...

A good friend calls me Aunt Ruth (pronounce Aunt like ain’t, and you’ve got it). We’re connected only by friendship. We’re not related in any way, not birth, marriage, or family connection. 354 more words

A Journey

Pull Together

As more and more of us begin to stand in our power we see the breaking down of the old guard and the old ways. I knew that there would be an exit from the EU because in doing so we begin to take responsibility for ourselves and those around us when we feel the landscape shifting beneath us, we always have, we always will. 776 more words

Daily Journal

A Journey (with Vampires, a cat, a train ride and a fight)

Since I mentioned Nathaniel Chase in my last post I thought I’d share this tall tale (or tall tail) again. 

A Journey (with Vampires, a cat, a train ride and a fight) 1,960 more words


Journey to the subconscious

I  Close my eyes, try to come down from the pressure of this age of the world. Try to calm down, try to Forget, everything, and try to Forget what I used to worry about. 156 more words