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Re-Writing Love

This story was once published in one of my favorite online magazine www.magdalene.co – and is actually a combination of two stories which I have somehow managed to combine together – hopefully quite seamlessly. 1,245 more words


Growing Up and Falling in Love

I want to grow old and be like my parents. September is their anniversary month and after 36 years of being married they still have the eyes for each other, constantly caring and annoying one another with their little peculiars yet always ending everything with a huge smile and back to holding each other hands, patting each other back and sharing their favorite cup of black, no-sugar Americano. 1,378 more words


Satisfaction: A job well done–my 24 kitchen

I have a new kitchen. I call it my 24 kitchen,  All of the appliances are 24inches wide.

I took the leap last year and bought a condo outside of Victoria.  It had an old and tired feel to it.  Some poor soul thought that it was a good idea to paint it, so they did.  Everything including the counter.  It looked great on photos however keeping it clean was impossible as the painted counter top had a sand mix to make it look like granite, They forgot the last coat of epoxy and it was like cooking on  and cleaning  sandpaper.  So, we gutted it and started fresh.  … 436 more words

A Good Practice

After a few years of regular pranayama practices, I have learned to listen to my body and to be aware of how I feel every single day. 583 more words


There is no Sin, only Mistakes

My teacher, O.P Tiwari, said that in this life,

“There is no Sin, only Mistake. – The concept of sin creates the feeling of guilt which will later on lead to an unconscious process of self-condemnation. 730 more words


Fire, Ashes and Letting Go

I had a blissful morning at the fire ceremony. Chanting mantra while watching the teacher ignites the fire, watching it slowly grow to a glorious flame and dies down to ashes. 558 more words


Another Year

Another year of my life has just passed and I reflected back at its moments.

Those painted with changes, unexpected surprises, many things that has to be released and let go. 367 more words