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Diversity resources for busy teachers

The History PGCE students at the University of York have created this guide to help busy history teachers. It contains some general principles about making sure that our history lessons reflect the diversity of modern Britain. 56 more words

Economics Multiple Choice Question - 19 January 2018

If the price of chicken falls, then in the market for beef (which is complimentary) …….?

Select ONE answer:

  1. The demand curve for beef would shift rightward.
  2. 64 more words

Religious Language-Twentieth Century Perspectives: A2 Philosophy

Preview of Lesson Plans:

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” Marcus Aurelius
Agree/ Disagree… 133 more words

Religious Studies

Learning Grids for AS and A Level Eduqas Chemistry

A brilliant idea designed to support differentiation.

Students work through the question grids to review each specification point. Working alone or in pairs, with or without their books, every student can engage with this resource. 99 more words

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Economics Multiple Choice Question - 18 January 2018

The observation that the demand curve for grape jelly shifted rightward every time the price of peanut butter fell means that grape jelly and peanut butter are? 41 more words


Evaluate the Strengths of Using Social Surveys in Social Research (20)

‘Evaluate the Strengths of Using Social Surveys in Social Research’ (20)

This is an essay plan for a possible essay for the AQA’s A Level Sociology paper 3… 213 more words