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The Deep Freeze

This is another image that I have created for my “Dream Worlds/Extreme Worlds” Topic for my A Level Art. I created this again with using different images which I then manipulated together in Photoshop, However this time I also used practical methods using clay and icing sugar to give me a base to work from.  33 more words


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The value of the cosmological argument for faith

In previous posts, our attention has been on the cosmological argument, its strengths and weaknesses, its proposition and objections.  In this final post, we leave that discussion behind us a little to consider what value the argument has when we think of religious faith. 449 more words

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Objections to the Cosmological Argument - going beyond the evidence

The Cosmological Argument is an a posteriori argument, meaning it follows on after evidence.  It is an argument based on evidence.  In this case, the evidence presented to us is in the form of observations of the world around us, observations of motion, causation and contingency. 418 more words

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Objections to the Cosmological Argument - the fallacy of composition

This objection states that the cosmological arguments commits a fallacy of composition.

What is a fallacy of composition and how does it relate to the cosmological argument? 475 more words

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Another reason why Tariro strives to empower girls and women!

Today I  share with you an article by Jackie Mbaiwa Makuvatsine, who writes for the NewsDay in Zimbabwe, the article was published in the NewsDay of 29 July 2015 and is published here with full permission from the newspaper… 596 more words


Objections to the Cosmological Argument - the possibility of infinite regress

Many people, when they first learn about the cosmological argument in its basic form raise an immediate objection: Who caused God?  While this is an entirely valid criticism, we need to understand this objection in more detail. 597 more words

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