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Business Studies Multiple Choice Question - 22 October 2017

Mass marketing is likely to involve?

Select ONE answer:

  1. Job production
  2. Flow production
  3. Low fixed costs
  4. Large market size
  5. Limited distribution

Give a real life example of mass marketing: 117 more words


Business Studies Multiple Choice Question - 21 October 2017

A cash cow product in the Boston Matrix?

Select ONE answer:

  1. Has low sales in a slow-growth market
  2. Has low sales in a high-growth market…
  3. 104 more words

Initial Shoot - Loss of Innocence

Photoshoot inspired by the title ‘Loss of Innocence’.

To take the majority of these photos I went out with my friends and did a very natural shoot, just snapping pictures as we chatted and relaxed outside. 105 more words


Business Studies Multiple Choice Question - 20 October 2017

Price skimming is NOT likely if?

Select ONE answer:

  1. The firm has a unique product
  2. The firm has a patent for the product
  3. Demand for the good is price elastic…
  4. 117 more words

Entrance requirements for A Level Maths

The new GCSE in mathematics is considerably harder than the old one which has resulted, not at all surprisingly, in very low grade boundaries.  For the Edexcel Higher paper in Summer 2017 a score of 79% across three papers earned the highest possible grade, a Grade 9, and this grade was achieved by around 3.5% of the population across all exam boards. 1,683 more words


Avoid 'name dumping': Developing A02

Rounding off everything before half term always leads to a little self-reflection on how the term has gone. The conclusion for this half term was that my first years needed more: 636 more words

Religious Studies

Business Studies Multiple Choice Question - 19 October 2017

Price discrimination is …?

Select ONE answer:

  1. Charges the same price for the same goods
  2. Sets a price by adding percentage to costs
  3. Uses a high price to enter a market…
  4. 69 more words