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how i (barely) cope with a levels

Hello friends I have returned once more with another mediocre post. Apologies for disappearing for a while, I have been focused on kick starting my revision as exams are very much imminent. 1,281 more words


Look We Have Coming to Dover! - Daljit Nagra

Themes –

  • Society and culture: the poem ‘Look We Have Coming to Dover!’ highlights the fears and worries amongst people that are immigrating to a new country and the struggles that come with such a big move.
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Accounting Multiple Choice Question - 22 April 2018

Wood Sparrow Ltd has provided a list of its assets and liabilities as at 31 December 2017 as follows:

  • Long-Term Assets £0.8M
  • Inventory £0.7M
  • Accounts Receivables £0.7M…
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Year 12 - NEA - first deadline

Dear All

Your first deadline for your Media NEA will be up to and including

Point 8 by Monday 30th April at 12pm (midday).

You should have the following things on your blog by this deadline: 31 more words

Music Video

Year 12 - NEA - Auteur video directors

Here is a list of directors you might want to investigate:

Melina Matsoukas Hype Williams Bo Johan Reuck Mark Romanek Patrick Daughters Jake Nava Spike Jonez… 18 more words
Music Video

Economics Multiple Choice Question - 21 April 2018

Macroeconomics is the branch of economics that studies?

Select ONE answer:

  1. Prices of individual goods.
  2. Important, as opposed to trivial, issues.
  3. The way individual markets work.
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Mission Impossible? Over-reliance of PowerPoint in the classroom

This week I made an agreement with my first year A-level History class: I would not subject them to another PowerPoint based lesson for two weeks. 204 more words