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Book Review: I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith

Oh this book is just something else! Words just do not do it justice, but I can honestly say that this is my new favourite book. 457 more words


Economics Multiple Choice Question - 16 August 2017

The price of a small chocolate bar increased from 50 pence to 55 pence per bar. The manufacturers found that the demand for their bar decreased by 5%. 96 more words


What comes after A Level results day?

With A Level results day 2017 approaching, I wrote a post for UoLStudentLife about ‘What comes after A Level results day?‘ – have a read of it by clicking below!


Economics Multiple Choice Question - 15 August 2017

Which ONE of the following economic agents is most likely to desire profit maximisation within a firm?

Select ONE answer:

  1. The managers
  2. The customers
  3. The local government…
  4. 52 more words

What to Do if your A-Level Results Weren't What You Were Expecting.

If you’ve got you’re A-Level results and they weren’t quite what you were expecting, it can feel like the end of the world. All of a sudden there’s a decision to make about what to do next. 290 more words


Top Universities Sacrificing Standards in Desperate Scramble to Fill Places

Think you’ve worked hard to get into your chosen university this year? Are you glad the sleepless nights of revision, revision and more revision are over? 693 more words


Economics Multiple Choice Question - 14 August 2017

Which ONE of the following best describes a ‘planned’ economy’?

Select ONE answer:

  1. An economic system in which decisions about production and investment are decided by individuals and firms.
  2. 114 more words