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Top Higher Education Destinations for UK Students Studying Abroad

  1. United States 8897
  2. France 3186
  3. Republic of Ireland 2062
  4. Germany 1411
  5. Australia 1408
  6. Netherlands 888
  7. Canada 810
  8. United Arab Emirates 809
  9. Spain 505
  10. South Africa 502…
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My thought map

This mind map is a collection of all the photographers and types of photography, that have helped me to form an idea of the what the paths that I could take with this topic. 30 more words

A Level

My Thought Map

This collection of images and photographer names, has helped me form an idea of what and where to go with my selected title. Photographers like John Stezaker and Hannah Hoch who are extremely influential in the subject of photomontage will prove helpful in my research for AO1, then the more modern and digital artists such as Ulric Collette and Dan Mountford will be very inspiring for the AO2 part of this topic. 

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A Level

Creative use of light

I have chosen to do creative use of light as my question topic. I liked the freedom that came with it, being able to manipulate images to capture the light. 79 more words

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OCR A Level Criminal Law Special Study 2015 Extension Guide

Extension for A and A* Students

Stretch and challenge the most able students and enable them to reach the highest grades. Supports writing complex, analytical answers, through synopticism, depth of analysis, research, etc. 88 more words

A Level

Walead Beshty

Within my AO1 I researched a number of photographers.

I chose to research Beshty as I was interested and inspired by his set of 11 photograms which he created in 2006. 24 more words



Frozen is a American 3D animated musical fantasy film released in 2013


  • Animated musical fantasy-comedy film


  • The film tells the story of a fearless princess (Anna) who sets off on an epic journey alongside a rugged iceman (Christof), his loyal pet reindeer (Sven), and a hapless snowman (Olaf) to find her estranged sister (Elsa), whose icy powers have inadvertently trapped the kingdom in eternal winter.
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