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I was inspired to create a blog by an online course I’m currently doing about climate change.. I know, not the most conventional reason.

They recommended you wrote a blog for ‘reflection’, and promised it would help you learn more. 116 more words

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Word Cloud 1

Hi students, these word clouds will help you to improve your writing skills. Using the right word in the right place is very effective. These synonyms can be used with discretion.

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Core, Decision and the new GCSE

Well January went by in a flash, and as we enter February 2016 seems rather light on posts so far. It’s always the way at the start of the new year, mock exams create piles of marking and it’s all coming at such break neck speed it’s hard to find time to write anything. 229 more words



Ok. There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of posts like this online, and if you’re here, in this obscure corner of the internet, you probably already know most of the tricks of the trade – or at least know… 1,402 more words


Coming to University Isn't Plain Sailing

Coming to university is without a doubt the most daunting experience of any teenager’s life. Still young, as much as we don’t like to admit it, and often unsure of how to cook anything other than pasta (even then managing to cook enough to invite the street round for dinner) university is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. 706 more words


Changes in religious belief and practice (AP1)

In this unit on Atheism and Postmodernism, we will look carefully at these two key ideas, particularly in reference to what they have to say about religion and the impact they have had on religion. 906 more words

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Mood Board For My First Photoshoot

Before I produced my first photo shoot, I needed to plan and research it.

Step 1

  • I found a selection of covers and photos like the sort of thing I was aiming for and explained what it is about them I was trying to recreate.
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Mood Board