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Walking our feet off with the women of Berlin

It was really good to meet up with our friends from Philipp-Melancthon Gymnasium today. 

The PMG students had prepared a tour of Berlin for us, and all students drew on the stories of some Berlin women to help us view the city from different perspectives. 282 more words

20th Century

Does Japan need more migration?

Japan has one of the lowest birth rates in the world. One statistic suggests that if the current birth rate remains unchanged then Japan will have a population of just 500 people by the Year 3000. 102 more words


To : all the young educators

I started this profession 5 years ago, in 2010. I was only twenty.. twenty… early twenties by then. For many who do not understand, it looks cool to be a young lecturer – we can engage with students more easily and communication should not be a problem. 676 more words


10 things I wish all my students understand

1. You don’t have to cover when you didn’t do your homework 

I can still see. If I want to scold you I will ask you to show me and catch you red handed. 564 more words


我是老師(七)-- 完结篇

刚拿到了clearance 的 from。是时候把 Ipad, laptop, staff ID,书本 还给学校了。

座位也要 Clear off。


这几年,我的生活好像离不开这台不是很聪明的laptop。曾经帮我打造无数虚拟世界的 Photoshop, Sony Vegas, 和 Magix Music Maker 就这样一个一个地被uninstall。


希望少了浮夸的 effect, 我会更勇敢的面对真实的我。 35 more words




翻看了过去几个月的照片,回味这几个月跟学生和ex student的欢乐时光,我想,大概就是现在了吧!

x x x x x x

对不起,我真的觉得我是第一个去 IMU 找 ex-students 过夜的老师。。哇哈哈哈哈哈。。。

是的,永远reunion 不完的 nua teng 班 又来 reunion了。只是这次不是在Mid-Valley!哈哈哈

看着大家穿着上课时规定要穿的 formal 吃午餐, 心里不禁大喊【风水轮流转~】 45 more words





在同時面對David Yap 和 David De lecturer 的雙重心情下,才愕然發現這這兩位仁兄似乎開始分道揚鑣了。


我沒有辦法很具體地形容我對於這兩個分角是怎樣心情,只是我很深切的體會,自己在事業上開始越來越駕輕就熟的時候,David de lecturer 跟David Yap好像開始冷戰了。

如果把它寫成算式,大概是這麼一回事 :

David de lecturer = David要的David + 學生要的David + 家長要的David + 老闆要的David… 9 more words