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How I got A*AA in my A-Levels

How I got A*AA in my A-levels.

First of all this is for help for those of you who might be sitting their exams later this year, either that or you’re a smidgen nosey. 937 more words


How to be more productive

So lately I’ve been having trouble with writing an english essay. I’ve tried various methods to be more productive so I thought: why not share them with you! 252 more words

Why didn't my A-levels go the way I wanted AND how am I still applying for medicine?

When I applied for medicine to start in September 2016 I was very silly. Not because I applied for the subject, but because of how I went about my A-levels in the second year. 449 more words


Time flies

Oh my god! Only 23 days left until I have to write my first A-Levels! I am not ready, not a bit! For English, one has to learn not that much because the content is only 1/3 of the grade. 105 more words


A Disordered Personality

In all honesty, I found it insulting at first when my Psychiatrist first mentioned the words personality disorder. Then I read into the diagnosis of BPD and realised that it described me; or at least aspects of me. 488 more words

Catch up...

First off, I am so sorry for not posting in almost a year!

Let me just get you caught up on everything…

May/June 2016

I sat my entrance exams for College X (the boarding school that shall not be named) and then I went on early study leave from my old school. 407 more words

AS mock exam results

I wasn’t going to post about this, as I wasn’t very happy with my results. However I feel like I should, because I told you all about my mocks in my latest post:  488 more words

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