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How to Survive A-Levels while being Dyslexic

There are two things that I really want to share with you today. At least one really helped me throughout Sixth Form and the other, I only started using at the end but I wish I had been using from the start. 294 more words

Back To School

My Journey to Digital Marketing

There is so much pressure on young people these days to decide on what they want to do as a career early on. From the age of 13/14 kids are asked to choose their GCSE options, without even an idea of the different kinds of jobs that are out there or really what they like! 502 more words


First blog post!

Hi, so I figured I would start a blog…

Now, don’t ask me why, I’ve never really been interested in it before and have little understanding of what I even do! 116 more words


3 Weeks into A-levels!

I’ve completed my first 3 daunting weeks of A-levels at my local sixth form. It’s been a right roller coaster! The first week was hell, there is no easy way to put it! 673 more words

My Life

Exploring the Fringes of Familiarity

There is a difference between what it means to go and what it means to leave, and Liren Fu‘s essay this issue takes on the weighty task of exploring the deep gulfs in between the two. 1,053 more words


Unseen Poetry

In their response to this issue’s selected poems, Kavya and Natalie navigate the unique pain of the sojourner. Their analysis shifts between the expositions of ‘Expatriate Dream’ and ‘Ugly’ – from Md Mukul’s ghost echoes of home to Warsan Shire’s geography of displacement, the essay elucidates all the agony and burgeoning, defiant hope of life lived in a foreign land. 1,442 more words


Some Hidden Purpose

Following Thom Gunn’s The Sense of Movement in the Margins

Dominic Nah’s experimental treatise and commentary on Thom Gunn’s The Sense of Movement seeks to introduce unfamiliar readers to Gunn’s poetry in a single journey of reading that crosses Singapore. 2,414 more words