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A-Level Specifications

I will be taking A-Levels in June 2019, which means that I will be taking the new A-Levels. I don’t think this will be a huge change but then again, I haven’t taken A-Levels before so I wouldn’t know. 79 more words


Update - I'm Back!!!

Well this seems a very long time coming, but I am finally back after writing all of my 9 A-Level exams, which finished on Friday. That is why I haven’t been able to write any new posts for you all, I have missed it so very much. 101 more words


Back from the text books

On Thursday morning, I had my last A Level exam. Meaning that I have officially finished school. After spending the last two years pushing and shoving myself through lessons and to commit to my A Levels, this is a huge relief and incredibly exciting. 1,403 more words

Survival Guide: A-levels

Hey guys, so in the UK we have Primary (5-11) and Secondary school (11-16) and then most people go to college or sixth form after their last year at Secondary school when they’re 16 until normally when they’re 18. 521 more words

Exam Season Comes to a Close!

So, now as the exam season comes to a close we can begin to relax for an upcoming summer of relaxation, enjoyment and of course – revision! 118 more words


What happens if you don't get the grades you'd hoped for?- My experience

Hi there,
As someone who has just come out of A Levels and into University level, I thought I would offer some advice to those in the same position- especially those considering a career with animals. 551 more words



A week ago today was my last exam. My last year of the dreaded A-levels has finally come to an end, meaning the period of locking myself away in my room, isolating myself from everyone with my head in a book writing out numerous flashcards has also finally came to an an end. 1,374 more words