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Life choices

Being only 17, I obviously don’t have enough knowledge of the world to be able to give brilliant advice about making good life choices. However, I have been under a lot of pressure to make quite a few over the last year so, in light of that, I’m hoping my little anecdote will give a bit of comfort to some of you out there who also freeze under the pressure of important decisions sometimes. 611 more words

Exams and How to Cope

Stress. Pressure. Anxious. These three things are side effects of exams. Exams. Once a year you sit external exams, sealing the fate to your future, starting the journey towards to rest of your life. 684 more words


Back For Summer!

I’ve been trying a lot of new things recently. I must admit that it’s been a bit of a mad bid to sort out my life, but I feel like it has been working! 338 more words


Two's Complement

Two’s complement is a mathematical operation on a binary number to change it’s sign.

Applying the two’s complement method will turn a positive binary number into a negative one. 46 more words


The E word

It seems only natural for exams to be at the forefront of my mind since, rather unnervingly, in the next few weeks my entire life will be determined by just a few ink scratches on an official-looking sheet. 614 more words

As long as you're happy (and your pockets are brimming with qualifications)

Since January, I’ve been looking for a job in the UK for this coming September. Although I’m not a qualified teacher (no PGCE,CELTA or QTS), I didn’t let this deter me and applied for all the jobs I thought I could do, based on my 13 years experience of teaching all ages, levels and in different establishments. 871 more words


Is this advanced?

Far from being ‘advanced’, the further education system in the United Kingdom has a malign tumour at its core, and that tumour is itself.

Where once a pass at A Level was taken as a mark of distinction in a particular subject, with the tantalising A-grade a guarantor of prowess, it’s now a commonplace ornament on a list of eminent achievements expected of every student. 556 more words