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A levels over lorhhhh!

Today marks the end of the A level journey and the 2 months of night study. A level was relatively ok for all the papers except for the 2 papers on the last day which I think I am unable to score well. 166 more words


"The price of a memory is the memory of the sorrow it brings."

It’s my birthday on Friday! I’m not actually excited (apart from the fact my sister is coming home for the weekend, which is exciting, because she’s essentially my other half, and her being in a different city is horrible.) but i guess it’ll be nice to be 17. 500 more words

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

This last month has been the amazing for a number of different reasons but I could I never predicted any of them:

  1. I went on Project Trust selection; I met an incredible bunch of people and within 4 days I was a more confident and independent person.
  2. 260 more words
A Level

Embarrassing Moments

So recently, I’ve experienced some embarrassing moments. Now, I don’t mean the kind were something happens and two minutes later, you’re over it. I mean the kind that have preyed on my mind ever since they’ve happened, and like usual, I tend to overthink these moments and it makes me insecure about myself. 140 more words

A Levels

My University Experience

… or lack of.

After reading Amy’s post around her Uni story, I felt compelled to write mine.

I was, and actually never have been, one of these people who knew what I’ve wanted to do career wise. 1,507 more words


Starting Sixth Form

Change is never a fun thing – well at least for me. I remember when I made my decision to leave my school and go to the local college instead of the sixth form. 768 more words


The Chemistry of Water

Hello everyone!

Today, I am going to write about water. I am going to write about the basics of water in terms of chemistry and just how amazing a molecule water is.👌 512 more words