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Yeats Day

Well its a double hit this week of Irish writer days today is the 150th annivesary of the birth of William Butler Yeats .I first came across Yeats at school he is one of the few Poets I have actually like from reading the first poem by him which I was The Magi . 271 more words


Seiobo there below by László Krasznahorkai

Seiobo there below by  László Krasznahorkai

Hungarian fiction

Original title – Seiobo járt odalent

Translator – Ottilie Mulzet

Source personal copy

Just a perfect day…

702 more words

Winstons books some more arrivals at winston towers

Been  while since I did a post of new books coming in so I grabbed a few that have arrived the last week or two .Some new some old friends in the post . 257 more words


Shadow DSC prize winner

Well we have managed to read between Lisa ,Tara and myself to read all the shortlist and in the end had read forurteen books between us at least two or us had read the shortlised books.Not bad as we decide only just before christmas to do a shadow jury .Next year we will be more on the ball . 272 more words


Winston's books hello again

Well this week has seen arrival of two book by writers I have written about before but also from different sides of the middle east . 182 more words


Driven to read but have I passed the detours to do that !

I always enjoy one of Simon at Savidge reads thoughtful posts about what it is to be a reader , like yesterdays rainy day books post… 308 more words


A 21st century Lolita

A new arrival at Winston towers today struck a chord a may to December story ala Lolita for a new generation .Héloïse of the title is trying to seduce a doctor forty years older than herself .On press release it does say Lolita for a modern age , although I hate the term “the new ” with this book it seems hard to avoid the comparison or not to even mention it .My evening view is the wonderful debut film from Stuart Murd och of Belle and Sebastian a film inspired by his side band god help the girl which is also the title of the film .