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Life After Humility

There was a time I thought I was holier than them all
Little did I know
That I too could be humbled
It cost me a life… 76 more words

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Trope-a-Day: Animal Wrongs Group

Animal Wrongs Group: More than a few of the baseline-supremacist, deep green, or luddite ones, who support policies including exterminating all neogens, uplifts, and genemod animals as an affront to precious Nature.  83 more words


Why programmes like Benefits Street are making life harder for people with a learning disability

Original post from Learning Disability Today


In this guest blog, Danny Brice talks about life claiming benefits, how Benefits Street doesn’t give a true picture and why cuts to welfare worry him. 719 more words


A Life - R.S. Thomas

A Life

Lived long; much fear, less
courage. Bottom in love’s school
of his class; time’s reasons
too far back to be known.
Good on his knees, yielding, 100 more words