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finding love in all of the corners

I found love here
I found love in family photos of my young parents apartment at Tulane, the bright feathers of the pet parakeet I never got to meet… 981 more words


92nd Television Drama Academy Awards

Television Drama Academy Awards ke 92 untuk dorama yang ditayangkan pada musim dingin 2017

Best Drama : Quartet

Best Leading Actor : Kusanagi Tsuyoshi / … 48 more words


A Life - Let's Save a Live

A Life Itoshiki Hito (2017, 10 episode)

Genre : Romance, Medical

Cast : Kimura Takuya, Takeuchi Yuko, Asano Tadanobu, Matsuyama Kenichi, Kimura Fumino, Nanao…

584 more words
Review Drama

Dad Trilogy

Dad Trilogy
Before you go …
Still tethered to this mortal coil
Each day struggling, we feel your toil.
Father, now your voice has gone. 445 more words


A Life: A LOVE

  • English Title: A Life: A Love (English title)
  • Romaji: A LIFE: Kanashiki Hito
  • Japanese: A LIFE: 愛しき人

As I have said time and again, I really love Kimura Takuya. 525 more words



Greetings again! I apologise for the radio silence, real life came calling and my laptop decided to kaboom on me, so it’s the office computer until I can get a new machine. 1,202 more words


Khalid Basalamah Frequently Asked Questions (Part I - note)

Bismillaahirrahmaanirrahiim. Semoga apapun yang ditulis di sini tidak menjadi sumber perdebatan. I noted this for myself, my reminder. Kenapa di blog? Karena blog ini insyaAllah tidak hilang dan bisa diakses kapan saja selagi punya akses internet. 359 more words

A Life