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Heart break...

Everyone has experienced heart break at some point in their life. There’s different forms of heart break whether it’s over someone’s passing, the loss of a friendship, breaking up with someone, or watching someone go through a very difficult season of life; we’ve all been there. 665 more words

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Breath in...

I saw my Therapist the other day. He was pleased to see me in a better, less desperate state than when we last met. I think increasing the dosage of my Sertraline has helped tremendously. 251 more words

A Little Bit Of Everything

Some good tunes and some not so good tunes

So if you remember about four months ago I posted about my most recent record haul! I told you that I would come back to you with an update on the merit of each box. 324 more words

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That old feeling

I am an introvert. I am a lot of things if I am being honest, however, if there is only one term I could use to describe myself, I’d probably go with “introvert”. 410 more words

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Celebrating the little things...

So often we set big lofty goals for ourselves but we give up before we reach them, because we let ourselves get discouraged too fast. If we forget to celebrate the little things in between we can lose sight of the end goal. 938 more words

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DM Around the World

Summer is a time when members of the University of Iowa’s Dance Marathon are scattered far and wide across cities, states, countries, and even continents. Whether you are traveling, studying, working, or relaxing at home, this time is an amazing opportunity for you to create that lime, carry it with you, and spread it to new places and new people wherever you might be. 680 more words

Dance Marathon

Day three; month four

I saw my doctor this past week. We agreed to up my dosage of Sertraline. She feels that although I am clearly doing “better than before”, I could be feeling even more balanced. 103 more words

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