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The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – A Little Respect

A Little Respect has already received some real rave reviews from its performances at the Brighton Fringe in May, and I confess, I am really pleased I booked this one! 308 more words

Chris Sparkle

You're very articulate for a Tongan, did you know that?

This kind of thing used to make me indiscriminately angry, despite the half-melted nuggets of a compliment being present in this god-damned biscuit of a sentence. 619 more words

Real Talk

What the fuck kinda

patronising bullshit is this?!

I’m all for picking up a book and learning something new, but this is just sad.
I could be old-fashioned, but I’m sure our elders deserve more after their patience with us when we were silly, little pants-shitting nonsense-machines. 98 more words

Real Talk

Radio XXV, side B, track 5: "A Little Respect" by erasure

Oh, erasure, I love you guys so much.  I loved “Chains Of Love” but the way I feel about “A Little Respect” goes way beyond love.  401 more words


Top 50 Tracks of the 1980s: # 10-6

10. XTC, “Towers of London”
XTC might have been as big as The Police if Andy Partridge had wanted to be Sting. Of course, they were great because Partridge had no interest in being anyone but himself. 401 more words



Yes, that’s right. I said Erasure. I found myself sitting in my getting-hot car today because, A Little Respect had just come on the radio. I had to finish the song. 73 more words


Packing for #BlogHer13 (plus the very first ODNT Procrastination Video!)

pack·ing /’pak-ING/vacation preparation; the action or process of reminding me that I did not diet at all but rather somehow managed to gain weight prior to the aforementioned vacation and therefore can now be found crying, hiding and cursing audibly on the floor in the closet…

557 more words