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Strange Bedfellows

She and I, so similar – two peas
in separate pods each desiring
the annihilation of the other.

© Chagall 2015


Tap The Innocence

I watched him
over his shoulder
at first not recognizing
the lines, but then I saw
he was drawing asunder,
which I thought was no
longer allowed.

© Chagall 2015


18/07/2015: John Coltrane "A Love Supreme"

You have to love Jon Coltrane.  I don’t mean that rhetorically, I mean it as a pure imperative.  You have to love him.  You can’t dip in and give it a listen and mull it over while you’re doing a crossword or picking crisps out of your teeth.   903 more words

A Blur So Close To 3D

To say that Mia’s face reflects joy
misses the difference between essence
and something else indicative of being,
more reality than actual figure on ground… 8 more words


On July 17, 1967.

On July 17, 1967,John William Coltrane, died aged 40. Being  saxophonist and composer, Coltrane played key role in the process of modernizing of jazz music. With the spiritual dimension in his music and superb technique as saxophonist, he influenced innumerable musicians from various music genres. 46 more words

Revisiting John Coltrane's A LOVE SUPREME - 10 July

I’m looking forward this week to working in Quartet format again on Friday 10 July at 5.30pm when we revisit John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme… 121 more words

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