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1001 Albums: A Love Supreme


Artist: John Coltrane

Album: A Love Supreme

Year: 1965

Length: 33:02

Genre: Modal Jazz / Free Jazz / Hard Bop

“A Love Supreme
A Love Supreme… 1,215 more words

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Down the hill, Sara and I tumble gently
heels-over-head, beginning and ending
as the other for somersaults will do that,
grass stains smell greener than they look… 89 more words


"blackkk" - thundercat (2017)

This past weekend, I had a wonderful opportunity to revisit one of my favorite albums.  John Coltrane’s 1965 masterpiece A Love Supreme was the February 2017 selection for the ongoing series Classic Album Sundays.  647 more words

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme

I know and understand very little (perhaps nothing) about jazz, so I don’t really know why this is such a masterpiece. What I can say tho, is that this album right here is simply mindblowing. 51 more words


On My Own Private Protest...Wine at Home House 78/100

Well Mr. Trump has started out exactly as he promised his supporters he would. Why this has caught the world by surprise is, well, surprising. He is not a subtle man. 923 more words

A Love Supreme

Years ago, I discovered the music of John Coltrane. Of course I knew his name and his contribution to jazz music but I did not have a special connection to his work. 203 more words

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