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New Books: Elantris and A Memory of Light.

The wonderful people over at Tor books were awesome enough to send me these finished/review copies this week! I have heard nothing but great things about these books. 445 more words


Too many endings

***WARNING: This blog post contains links to TVtropes.org. Click at your risk.***

So I made through my cycle of editing last week, and I’ve got a new concern: The end. 244 more words

“Knotai suddenly came riding back, holding to his hat. “Tuon!”
Why is it so hard for him to understand names? Selucia asked with a wiggle of her fingers. 59 more words

Fires Of Heaven

“Shadows from a returned sun dimmed the cavern mouth around him. Wind tugged at him, his foot warm with his own blood. I will not walk out of this pit alive, he thought. 144 more words

Fires Of Heaven

“He felt blood inside his boot. It had run down his side, down his leg, and when he moved his foot, he left a bloody footprint behind. 72 more words

Fires Of Heaven

“Someone will need to guard the entry into the cave, my wife,” Thom said. “That ledge up there right beside the opening has an excellent view of the battlefield. 57 more words

Fires Of Heaven

“If you do not learn from your losses, you will be ruled by them.”

Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson, A Memory of Light, chapter twenty one, 6 more words

Fires Of Heaven