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Dawn Potter: Dear Presidential Candidates -- A Modest Proposal

Dear presidential candidates:

Yesterday morning, my 18-year-old son came up with a brilliant proposal for campaign reform. He and I spent much of our day together elaborating its details; and although the concept is still flawed and incomplete, we nonetheless believe that you should consider its advantages to both your development as sentient human beings and your credibility with the voters. 784 more words

Social Justice

A Modest Proposal

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There are other options available too, like mugs and notebooks etc. 28 more words

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A Case for Cannibalism

Editor’s Note: The following essay by one “Isaac Bickerstaff”  (a likely pseudonym) found it’s way to me last week and though you will no doubt find the author’s viewpoint repugnant, manner pompous and conclusions horrific, there is value in the connections Bickerstaff makes. 1,973 more words

Babies on spikes

Gallows humor

One day I came home from running afternoon errands to find my then-middle school daughters sitting on the sidewalk in front of the house torturing their Barbie dolls. 411 more words


"The soul takes nothing with her to the next world but her education and her culture"*...

What does it mean to be “cultured”?  Are you?  The questionnaire above is from Ashley Montagu’s 1958 book, The Cultured Man

Montagu—a well-respected anthropologist and former student of 

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A Modest Proposal

Irony in A Modest Proposal

A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift is a seemingly
outrageous proposal, but by the proposal he indicts
the English Protestants for their cruel and… 1,065 more words

A Moddest Proposal

A Modest Proposal

At a Glance

Author: Jonathan Swift, 1667-1745

Date: 1729

Context and Author

Jonathan Swift was born and raised in Dublin at a time when Ireland had been controlled by England for over 500 years.  774 more words

A Modest Proposal