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Poem: Comic Poetry

Networks of stinky word fart bubbles in tepid spring water

spit from a methane snow monkey spring in japan, or wherever

dreams come from this day and age, festering cliche wounds… 167 more words

Andrew Halter

Still marking

I am heading out of town for a week tomorrow and will be taking the last of the marking with me. I will put a notice up here once I have turned in the grades. 33 more words

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Kicking Ass, Libtards and My Modest Proposal

Here’s an anecdote that sums up The Divided States of America, and a rather simplistic explanation of how we got there.

But because our attention spans have been Twitterized, here’s the explanation first: Bad parenting. 381 more words

Donald Trump

Irish Literature

Ireland of course has a long and rich history of mythology, fairy tales, and folklore. That is the best place to start with Irish literature. Some of the earliest texts referring to St. 1,192 more words

World Lit

JONATHAN SWIFT (1667-1745)

JONATHAN SWIFT (1667-1745)

Jonathan Swift was born in Dublin of English parents, he did not do well as a student but he was eventually granted his degree by “Special Grace”. 1,333 more words





While written text is often used as the primary mode of communicating information, written text can only convey so much to someone who is reading the text itself. 326 more words

Section 14

A Modest Proposal

In Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”, Swift offers up a suggestion to his fellow countrymen that could potentially help alleviate the amount of mothers and their children who are beggars. 166 more words

Section 14