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Fanfic Wednesday: "A Modest Proposal"

Look at me, bringing you another new ship! Yes, I’ve been rewatching House, M.D. and I love the House/Wilson dynamic whether it’s platonic, romantic, or even when they pretend to hate each other. 150 more words

The Collectress

a modest proposal

in his original pamphlet by the same title, Jonathan Swift addresses the issue of poverty among his people, the Irish 194 more words

Bonum Publicum

My Modest Proposal

As some of you know Johnathan Swift wrote A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People From Being a Burthen to Their Parents or Country, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Publick, or more commonly know as A Modest Proposal.  700 more words

Writing Portfolio

"We Eat Mean People" -- a modest proposal

“We have a firm rule here, we eat mean people.”


Do the myriad sociopathic elite who structure and run civil society live low-stress lives?  In the scheme of things, their meat might prove quite good. 

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Zombie Apocalypse

Satirical Society of Scintillating Sentences: Work It Out or Else Get Eaten

As a young person living in the greatest nation of the world, I have become highly disgusted with the racism that runs through this country. White cops and young men attack black lives in an attempt to prove that people of color are inferior. 568 more words

Satirical Society Of Scintillating Sentences

My Modern Day Modest Proposal

Jonathon Swift wrote one of the best pieces of English satire in 1729 in reaction to England’s treatment of the Irish. I read it in college having chosen to major in English and wanting to be a writer myself.

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