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Welcome to my blog! I’m really excited to start writing and expressing my views on a wide array of topics that interest me, from business to fashion to social media. 19 more words

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Oh Apple! You've done it again!

Dear gullible scum of the earth Readers,

I come to you again to talk about something I have mentioned before. The real scam artists. Now a company has realeased some new products over the past couple of months and to me they seem to be the same as before. 136 more words

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Authority of a Dangerous Kind

I used to think I understood the concept of authority, now I realise that I most definitely do not. Before I go on, you must know that over a week or so ago, I was forced to endure one of the most horrible experiences in my entire quite short life. 595 more words

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Extra, Extra! We gave up.

I went somewhere interesting today. Being someone of my age I don’t go to places like this.
I went to Tesco. not just Tesco, Tesco… 391 more words

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Ta-dah. Again.

As people we are generally very gullible. we think that as long as the person is telling us fraud information is smiling then we can trust them. 304 more words

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