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The Creator Writings: Judgement

via Jennifer Farley, The Creator Writings

Today, you are being invited to look at judgement. How you judge yourself, others, situations and experiences. It can be a very slippery slope, dearest one.  85 more words

A New Paradigm

The Truth About Masculinity, Alpha vs Beta & Becoming the Conscious Creator

By Nicole Frolick, In5D.com

We hear a lot about the divine feminine throughout the spiritual community
and with good reason. The DF represents the abstract, unknown parts of our… 670 more words

A New Paradigm

It Turns Out The Demon in Your Life is YOU!

By Michele Zina, In5D.com

Most people let their inner critic playout unchecked or un-analyzed like a demon that they wish wasn’t there. With the Law of Attraction, brutal self-critics see reflected back to them more reasons to under- cut themselves. 439 more words

A New Paradigm

Transcending the Invalidation Monster

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I felt wretched today – all my friends are away at the moment. I felt lonely, sad, forlorn. 364 more words

A New Paradigm

Understanding All in a Unified Whole

“if we want a comprehensive grasp of everything in a unified whole, we shall have to construct a diagram in which are symbolically represented all the various elements of the question along with all the connections between them.”

70 more words
Science And Explanation

Modern Monetary Theory Fails to Qualify as Scientific Macroeconomics

Scientific macroeconomics, if it is to be genuinely scientific, must not be contaminated by human psychology.  Gustav Kirchhoff’s laws of the electric circuit do not incorporate the psychology of the human who operates the levers or switches.   113 more words

Science And Explanation

Global UBI Answer to Social Impoverishment by Automation

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I’d like to address the issue of automation while articles on it are still fresh in memory.

The issue of the impoverishment of society through automation isn’t new. 813 more words

A New Paradigm