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A New World

Happy Discoverer’s Day. How do you celebrate? I like to think of all the people who have gone before and those who will go boldly forward in the future. 305 more words

Caryn Moya Block

I Am Sad

Yesterday, I took this  picture of a small, yellow butterfly in our back yard. The color composition reminded me of another photograph I took at our old house, several years ago.  162 more words

Edited Radio Interview with Tony Hirashiki on "The Future Will be Televised" with Simon Applebaum

Yasutsune “Tony” Hirashiki, Terry Irving, and Simon Applebaum’s discuss “On the Frontlines of the Television War”

A New World

An Excellent Review of Burn's PBS Documentary by a Vietnam Veteran Journalist.

PBS’ ‘Vietnam War’ Tells Some Truths

September 20, 2017

By Don North

Former ABC News Reporter in Vietnam.

Note that Don will be appearing with Tony Hirashiki, the author of On the Frontlines of the Television War  776 more words

A New World

New eyes, new objects required: On David LaChapelle

Reinterpretations are the same as the interpretations, as both are readings of what the latter observes and the first refers to. The idea of these plastic works, such as some of LaChapelle’s most famous images, rather than to temporize their renowned old pairs (and their motifs), can be thought of as a return to the value of their contemplation: from that language that had to conceive them in reality there is nothing left, and what the men of their time must have thought, in creating and contemplating, no longer exists. 406 more words


Heaven and Earth in Union


IT WAS A beautiful day with clouds slowly drifting through a deep blue sky.
“Heaven and earth,” said the teacher. “We think of the one in contrast to the other. 436 more words

Eternal Rewards

Everything Is Unrolling in It's Order


TEACHER,” I SAID, “how does one know the plan of God for one’s life?”
“Come,” he said. He led me into the Chamber of Scrolls, opened the ark, removed the scroll, and laid it on the table. 510 more words

Holy Grail