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Shatter Your Characters: Shame Them, Guilt Them

My cat killed a hummingbird a few days ago. She brought it in, as cats will do, proud, thrilled with the hunt, mad with animality. 87 more words

A New World

Final Fantasy: A New World Concert Recap

Some of my favorite games growing up were in part due to the music that accompanied them. It wasn’t full blown orchestrated soundtracks like it is today but carefully crafted tracks that pushed the console hardware to its limits. 346 more words

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Government Redistribution of Wealth Works Great

Amid all of the loud political arguments about taxes, inequality, and the size of government, it is important to keep in mind this overarching fact: having our government push wealth from the rich to the poor is a very good idea.Capitalism brings a lot of benefits—feel free to listen to any starry-eyed tech guru drone on about entrepreneurship and innovation to acquaint yourself with them—but capitalism as it currently functions in America also comes with a political system thoroughly corrupted by money and great concentrations of wealth in the hands of a tinier and tinier elite, while the majority of people struggle to lay claim to the fruits of economic growth.The mainstream left and right wings of America’s political system have differing views about how to address this inequality. 110 more words

A New World

A Preview of "On the Frontlines of the Television War" by Tony Hirashiki

Time: 10am

Date: April 27, 1966

Place: ABC News bureau on the 6th floor of the Caravelle Hotel in Saigon.

“How do you do, sir? I’d like to introduce myself. 495 more words

A New World

A Preview of "On the Frontlines of the Television War."

Tony Hirashiki and Steve Bell in Cambodia. (Or is it properly Steve Bell  and Tony Hirashiki?”

“The Charming Dictator”

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