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Healing the division within and around us.

I am not a person that watches the news, as it favors the negative and the violent. Most times it is biased and only tells the side they wish to tell. 490 more words


The long road to peace within the world.

Returning hate for hate, does not lessen the hate, it just multiplies it, and adds a deeper darkness to a night already devoid of the stars.  392 more words


A New World Introduction : Free Sample

So I thought I would share this with you guys, the first chapter of my “A New World” saga, this is a follow on from the original The Vampire Legends story, though it’s set quite a ways after, things have changed in The Everlands and between the game, the Elcarus Mansion blog and a few short stories in between you will understand how. 1,903 more words


Winterton Generation 4 Heir Revealed

The results of the heir poll and new world poll are in.

Click here to find out who won and where the family are headed to next.

Winterton Adoptacy

Generation 4 Heir Revealed

Firstly thanks to everyone who voted.  I can now announce that the generation 4 heir is Danablu with 50% of the vote.

Danablu: Awesome!

Also the world the family will be moving to is Barnacle Bay which topped the poll with 33% of the vote.   79 more words


A Shrouded World - Whistlers : A Jack Walker & Michael Talbot Adventure

This is a collaboration between Mark Tufo and John O’Brien.

As you know I’ve been a big fan of Mark Tufo books for a while, especially the Zombie Fallout series, so when I saw this I thought I’d better give it a read. 378 more words