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AgitProp #16 - Back to the Future: Imagining the Future in a Post-Revolutionary World

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Much of our time as revolutionaries is spent on the routine of organising in the here and now – building a campaign, organising for a demonstration, planning for a trade union meeting…. 2,227 more words


If A Tree Falls In The Forest Does Anybody Hear?

“I cannot remember much, I cannot feel much. Maybe erasure is necessary. Maybe the human spirit defends itself as the body does, attacking infection, enveloping and destroying those malignancies that would otherwise consume us.”

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 Symptoms of Ascension and a Blessing!

It is very difficult at times to explain the unexplainable. When we can’t see, feel, experience, and understand “what is happening to us” then our attention simply dismisses the strange occurrences, physical maladies, and emotional imbalances. 678 more words

Spiritual Shares

Poem: Seconds within Moments

Life moves fast, doesn’t it? It is a selection of seconds, moments, hours, days, and… You get the point. It is a blur some days and then suddenly a moment comes that makes you go, “Aha, I realize how short life is.” And then you breathe deeply and plant a foot in a world that brings you comfort. 303 more words


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What Is Faith?


I follow a blog by another Hindu. She is pretty much the only Hindu I know, and I don’t even know her personally. But I’ve noticed as I go deeper into my own Hinduism, the less I enjoy reading the blog. 604 more words

How To Love Yourself


So I’ve talked a little bit about my depression, but I haven’t really talked about my recovery very much. Hinduism has helped immensely, but before I became Hindu I had already been in recovery for almost four and half years. 478 more words