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Apostasy Now Ep 19b: Podcaster Homies - Dedicated to the Memory of Robin Williams

This episode is dedicated to all of the memories and joy Robin Williams gave us all.

Some of our podcaster comrades drop by (several days before Robin Williams died) and just talk. 65 more words

Apostasy Now Podcast

Ethiopians make Aaliyah: Selassie I opposed divided Palestine

“According to Haggi Erlich’s book, “Alliance and Alienation: Ethiopia and Israel in the days of Emperor Haile-selassie”, the last king of Ethiopia from the Solomonic dynasty did not support the division of Palestine and rather took an opposition stand, which was a blow to the then politicians.  186 more words


Selassie laughs last: Rastafari grows amongst Italian youth

There is a special irony to an Italian youth or any Italian embracing Rastafari – Mussolini would “roll over in his grave” so-to-speak. The Lion of Judah is conquering the hearts of the sons of Rome. 93 more words


Join InI in sounding out the word-sound-power ‘mongst the birds in Babylon’s tree!




Apostasy Now Ep 18: Lee Moore - Revive With The Godless Revival

Lee Moore is an atheist activist of many hats. Years ago he started the popular podcast A-News with co-host Brian Allen and later Sheila Blackadder. Together with many interesting guests and guest hosts they have been a constant presence in the secular world. 137 more words

Apostasy Now Podcast

Chris Brown deletes Twitter account following feud with comedian | Redux

Chris Brown deletes Twitter account following feud with comedian

Robin Hood’s Bay by Thomas Tolkien
License (according to Flickr): Attribution License


The fight started when 23-year-old Brown posted a picture of himself, saying he looked old. 413 more words