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Tommy Wiseau's A Nightmare on Elm St.

February 3, 2016-February 4, 2016 – I was watching the end of A Nightmare on Elm St. 3. It was at a chariot race track. 119 more words

Dream Journal

Movie Review: A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Part 5: The Dream Child

New Line Cinema

“Hi, Alice. Want to make babies?”

Unable to overpower the Dream Master who vanquished him in A Nightmare On Elm Street 4, Freddy haunts the innocent dreams of her unborn child and preys upon her friends with sheer horror.

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Movie Review: A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET part 3- The Dream Warriors

New Line Cinema

“It’s now or never. I’m not gonna kid you, this is as dangerous as it gets. If you die in this dream, it’s for real.

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The A Nightmare on Elm Street series is no stranger to nerdy characters (Will the Wizard Master, anyone?), but what with it being Black History Month and Women in Horror Month, Camera Viscera’s February HORROR NERD OF THE MONTH was a no brainer: Sheila, from… 155 more words


Movie Review: A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET part 2- Freddy's Revenge

New Line Cinema

“If you want to play with animals, Mr. Walsh, join the circus.”

Five years have passed since Freddy Krueger was sent howling back to hell.

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Saturday morning exams

I say exam, it was technically a controlled assessment resit. Creative writing for English Language. We had to take the title of a movie and then write a piece about it. 138 more words


Halloween/Michael Myers Property is Looking For a New Home in Hollywood

The last time I saw a Halloween movie was in a theater back in ’09. It was Rob Zombie’s Halloween II sequel, and I was one of three people in the auditorium. 255 more words