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A Nightmare On Elm Street Review

The movie that redefined the horror genre is next on my October scare fest.  448 more words

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On fantasy and reality: The power of unlimited imagination

I’m no expert in writing, as I’m just starting out myself. But based on the stories I have absorbed, the first advice I’d give to any aspiring fantasy writer, or writers in any genre for that matter, is this: 798 more words

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A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Reboots, remakes, re-imaginings, whatever you want to call them, are all the rage these days.  I’ve never understood the appeal, if I’m being honest.  Like, why would I want to go see a movie with the exact same premise as one that already exists?   457 more words


Masters of Horror: Wes Craven

As October, AKA Halloween-All-Month-Long Fest, is upon us, I’ve decided to do a series on my favourite Horror directors and their films. First up, a tribute to one of the most well known, respected and decorated horror film makers of two generations, the late Wes Craven. 554 more words


Camping On Elm Street (Freddy Vs Jason, 2003)

For about a decade Newline tried to come up with a movie bringing Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees together in a single film.  There were a lot of false starts.  524 more words

A Nightmare On Elm Street

A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 8-CD Box Set By Varèse Sarabande

One Two Freddy’s coming for you…

Varèse Sarabande Records has announced the greatest thing ever for all A Nightmare on Elm Street fans! They are taking pre-orders for their… 1,246 more words