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I’ve seen some episodes on the net of a one time television series by the name of The Fear Factor, a show that centered around scaring the hell out of people and would go to extremes of make up and sound effects to accomplish that goal. 461 more words

Saturday Soundtracks - A Nightmare on Elm Street

Released in 1984, A Nightmare on Elm Street would give the horror genre a shot in the arm courtesy of Wes Craven and right alongside him would be composer Charles Bernstein, providing the music that would tie it all together.  139 more words

The Telltale Mind

Day 11 of Accountability

This week I’m going to celebrate some of my favorite things that inspire me as a writer. If you’ve been following my blog since the early years, you may recall my fascination with horror movies, but more specifically A Nightmare on Elm Street movie. 244 more words

Horror Block Review - June 2016

Make no mistake, horror fans are among the most insatiable fans in the world. Not only do we crave movies, we want horror-branded everything. From memorabilia, toys, posters, and conventions, we simply just want to get as close to living it as we possibly can. 497 more words


Never Sleep Again

Weird Little Boy

A Nightmare On Elm Street Part One is my favourite horror movie of all time; The Elm Street series has been an obsession of mine since before I’d even seen a single film. 736 more words

DVD Reviews

The 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' Franchise: Ranked

Here is my  ranking (from least favourite to most favourite) of the films within the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise (including Freddy vs Jason… 462 more words


Paying Nothing, Loving Every Bit of Marvel and Innovation’s ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Comics!

Every once in a blue moon I’ll pull over when I spot a yard sale that has visible books and or movies. Last Sunday was a slow morning, which afforded me ample browsing time as I crept past a yard sale not a mile from my own home. 5,265 more words

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