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 Fifty Shades of Sonia

So I am tired of attending interviews and putting my best foot and my best words forward, my  plastic smile on, giving the snooty interviewers  answers they want to hear, and most punishing of all , is trying to bat my eyelashes and laugh at the dumbest jokes possible.  639 more words

A Penny For My Thoughts

Hey There Big Al

If you ask me who my favorite actor is, I’ll ask which era you would like me to name. But ask my favorite director, I’ll always say the same. 587 more words


Lessons learnt - March 2015

Letting go is painful, change is painful but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere I did not belong

The same crap different day attitude only brought all these  years of my life to a halt. 196 more words

A Penny For My Thoughts


Heart won

Head lost

Ego bruised

The journey of two years led me nowhere

I sit here, wondering,

Wasn’t it meant to be the light at the end of the tunnel? 111 more words

A Penny For My Thoughts


Watch me unfurl my sail

As I journey into waters unknown

Watch me chase the silver linings

Till I find my pot of gold

Watch me take flight while I chase my dreams… 94 more words

A Penny For My Thoughts

Poetry- Moodswing

In this moment, Love and laughter, fill my world

Secure in my world, comfortable in my flesh and blood

I like who I am and I am in love with life… 117 more words

A Penny For My Thoughts

The Hills are Still Alive

Let’s start at the very beginning…

I was three when I began watching it. I distinctly remember the excitement Gretl shared with me that she was attending her first party. 817 more words