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Pokèmon Go...and why I probably can't play it.

Warning: Long post ahead.

Aaah! Gotta catch em all! Pokèmon!

Being someone who has grown up with Pokèmon, I can definitely say that I was extremely, extremely excited when Pokèmon Go was announced. 1,273 more words


Tragedy in Minnesota

I don’t want to get into politics and the like for what the media has recently revealed about certain cops and their behaviors. I just want to express that it truly saddens me to see a video of a man dying due to a policeman’s negligence. 641 more words


Gachiban Tribal

I had no intention of watching this in the first place. But… it’s Atsushi! My handsome boy! I had no choice but to go for it even without english subs. 243 more words

A Penny For My Thoughts

I'll Be Your Pawn and Sword

Someone made a video paring the two versions of the song — the 2014 and 2015 reprise. It’s a fckng masterpiece. I’m not sure if the timing is tweaked since both videos/versions are perfectly in synced.. 206 more words

A Penny For My Thoughts

It’s amazing how he can keep his ameblo blog up-to-date considering that he’s a VERY busy actor. Someone should give him a “most consistent blogger-actor” award. 140 more words

Heart Speaks

After a long break, chancing on a poem I had written during my school days – has spurred me on to get back.

A Ray of Hope – Mathangi J… 245 more words

A Penny For My Thoughts

M for Musings

In the recent past, I’ve spent many hours contemplating about life. What is the right way of living it? Of course, I haven’t found an answer to that. 542 more words

A Penny For My Thoughts