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My Last Posting! Let Things Go!

My Last Posting!

Just Let Things Go! Smile & Be Cheerful!

Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing… 259 more words

All About Me!

Is There Such a Thing as Christian Feminism?  Some Thoughts for International Woman’s Day

Many years ago, during a graduate course, I was confronted with the possibility that I am a feminist.

This was troubling to me – I’d always imagined feminists to be outspoken, anti-male activists who supported things like the ERA (I had no desire to be drafted into the army!) among other radical steps towards gender equality.  545 more words


2 Keys to Map Your Course

After I had lived in S. Korea for about five years, my family finally came to visit me.  I knew this might be my only chance for them to experience what I loved about Korea, so I carefully planned the itinerary. 509 more words

John Maxwell

Do you want to resolve your conflict?  Let go of your perspective. 

Last week a friend posted a cartoon on Facebook that purported to explain “white privilege.”  This stirred up all kinds of controversy in the comments, including a link to a counter cartoon. 857 more words

John Maxwell

Want to have stronger relationships? Empower!

Did you realize that teachers can be possessive?  I know I have been!

As someone who teaches in a “student-centered” classroom, I am expected to empower the students to take the lead and to direct the class.  341 more words

Connection And Influence

An Intentional Pursuit of Purpose

While I have always had a sense of purpose and have always been a bit goal oriented, I have not always lived out this sense of purpose. 486 more words


Have You Evaluated Your Experience?

On Black Friday, when millions were hunting and wrestling for the best “deals,” I was traipsing through a local forest.  It had been awhile since I’d been out to this forest, and I was so struck by the stillness that I sat and just listened to the wind in the trees for about 30 minutes.   577 more words

John Maxwell