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2 Keys to Map Your Course

After I had lived in S. Korea for about five years, my family finally came to visit me.  I knew this might be my only chance for them to experience what I loved about Korea, so I carefully planned the itinerary. 504 more words

John Maxwell

Do you want to resolve your conflict?  Let go of your perspective. 

Last week a friend posted a cartoon on Facebook that purported to explain “white privilege.”  This stirred up all kinds of controversy in the comments, including a link to a counter cartoon. 857 more words

John Maxwell

Want to have stronger relationships? Empower!

Did you realize that teachers can be possessive?  I know I have been!

As someone who teaches in a “student-centered” classroom, I am expected to empower the students to take the lead and to direct the class.  341 more words

Connection And Influence

An Intentional Pursuit of Purpose

While I have always had a sense of purpose and have always been a bit goal oriented, I have not always lived out this sense of purpose. 486 more words


Have You Evaluated Your Experience?

On Black Friday, when millions were hunting and wrestling for the best “deals,” I was traipsing through a local forest.  It had been awhile since I’d been out to this forest, and I was so struck by the stillness that I sat and just listened to the wind in the trees for about 30 minutes.   577 more words

John Maxwell

(Mis)Adventures on the National Mall

Even after more than 5 years, I am still amazed by where I live.  In the last couple of weeks, I’ve found myself on the National Mall for a few different reasons. 458 more words

John Maxwell

So Foreign Yet So Familiar

Two days ago I returned from a one-week trip to Haiti with a small team from my church, Capital Life Church in Arlington, Virginia.

While an entire report on the trip would not be in keeping with the themes of this blog, there are a few observations I’d like to share with you. 229 more words

Relationship Building