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Visiting the Google office

A few weeks back, i got an invite to attend a talk in the google office and decided to attend as i was curious, more curious on checking out their office than the talk itself.   849 more words

Push n Pull

Every now and then, i’d hear colleagues and friends mention push and pull as part of discussions on why they are leaving a company / joining a company. 728 more words

bozo explosion per steve jobs

Im fascinated by steve jobs for quite some time now and have watched his interviews and presentations.  Also took note of guy kawasaki and saw his videos on e-stanford. 616 more words

A Players

Only A players wanted

In the world of sports you have first string and second string.  You have your A players and what is called B players.  For those people who are not as familiar with sports maybe you are more familiar with celebrities.   509 more words

Self Development

ABC ... Easy as 123 - Cameron Herold (Business Mentor, Business Coach, & CEO Coach)

Cameron Herold is a truly creative and out-of-the-box thinker. The last time he was on the show Cameron reassured us that we’re not crazy, we’re just entrepreneurs on the entrepreneurial roller coaster. 649 more words