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Geek Art: "Tarzan Of The Apes" and "A Princess Of Mars" by Matt Taylor

This Friday, Black Dragon Press will release two new posters celebrating the works of hugely influential popular science-fiction writer Edgar Rice Burroughs by the brilliant UK illustrator… 241 more words

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Love in a Bookstore

I was wandering the halls of the internet a while back, and came upon a discussion of some of the classic (as in old) novels that formed the foundation of the “planetary romance” genre, the genre my… 409 more words


A Princess of Mars

A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Genre: Pulp Scifi

Hooray for pulpy Scifi books! Published in 1917, this book appealed to boys of all ages. 111 more words

A Princess of Mars By Edgar Rice Burroughs

John Carter, a veteran of the American Civil War is prospecting for gold when he and his partner encounter Apaches. He escapes them by entering a sacred cave but immediately succumbs to a strange drowsiness. 178 more words


A Princess of Mars ~ Barsoom #1 ~ by Edgar Rice Burroughs #BookReview #Sci-Fi #PulpFiction

  • A classic action and adventure ~ 

A Princess of Mars was the first book by Edgar Rice Burroughs to feature the character John Carter. It led to an 11-book series featuring his adventures and became the basis for the 2012 movie.

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The Negligence Roundup: Fairy Tales, Space Princesses, Androids, and Air Castles

I tend to do these roundups when I haven’t read anything particularly enthralling. A combination of writer’s block, distraction, and the inability to ascertain why I liked a few elements of some books led to this entry. 904 more words


Princess of Mars / A rose for Ecclesiastes

A review in two parts.

Part I

Princess of Mars / Edgar Rice Burroughs

A rose for Ecclesiastes / Roger Zelazny

Princess of Mars is a story about imperialism and how assuming indigenous cultures are ignorant savages rules by their superstitions just waiting for a white man to come rescue them is foolish in the extreme. 398 more words

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