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"Possession" proves titles could be deceptive

It’s a bitter experience when you find yourself unable to enjoy a famous book that has garnered an almost unequivocal praise from everyone and his aunt. 111 more words

Book Review

Mobile Tales Despatch 4 - a fishing expedition

By Vita Forest

In which Christabel is alerted to a passing school of Parmesan cheese.

Christabel opened her eyes, suddenly alert. If she was not so suddenly distracted, she may have pondered that it was indeed strange that it was her… 619 more words


Mobile Tales Despatch 3 - in which we learn of Christabel's clandestine pleasure

By Vita Forest

In which we learn of Christabel’s clandestine pleasure.

Do not imagine that the fact that the Good Ship Possession is firmly anchored to the ceiling, limits in any way the interest that Christabel La Mouse finds in her surrounds.  486 more words

Simple Pleasures

Landmark Books in My Life, Part II

This is a follow-up to a piece I wrote in September about the books that shaped my early life. I think of my twenties in general, and 2005–7 in particular, as a golden period in my reading life, when I started to develop the tastes that still guide my book choices today. 834 more words

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Quote of the Day

Not only does Vietnam rank among my favourite places in the world, but one of my most enduring memories of the country is how you can purchase a photocopied version of Graham Green’s  209 more words

The Power of Beauty, or the Beauty of Power? The Improbability of Love, by Hannah Rothschild

A long queue of excited and curious people are waiting outside of an auction house in London, where a small Rococo painting of inestimable value is about to be sold. 876 more words

Quote for Today: A. S. Byatt

The black thing in her brain and the dark water on the page were the same thing, a form of knowledge. This is how myths work. 67 more words

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