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Circles and Cycles

I wondered what the building blocks of the universe looked like and found myself on the Cern website reading about Quarks and Leptons. I discovered the language of particle physics to be quite like that of mythology – inhabited with mysterious characters like the charm quark and strange quark, the muon neutrino and the tau governed by fundamental forces that cannot be seen or explained other than by their attributes – like the mythical gods. 1,509 more words

Literature, by A S Byatt

“What literature can and should do is change the people who teach the people who read the books”

- A S Byatt


Tom Stoppard's Arcadia by the English Touring Theatre

‘Arcadia’ by Tom Stoppard is billed as a comedy, and there are certainly some very funny lines, but it’s also a drama that’s about as serious as it gets. 540 more words


Quote: What Colour is Wednesday?

I think vestigially there’s a synæsthete in me, but not like a real one who immediately knows what colour Wednesday is.
A.S. Byatt

Deborah Makarios

Reading Room

So, if you follow any of my other blogs, you know I am working on some projects in Indonesia.

The other day, I ventured out into the cold and spent a couple of hours in the Cornell Rare Book and Manuscript Reading Room, and looked through the archives of… 429 more words


Reading and More.....

Alas  February commeth and winter almost goeth!!Woe is me!! My heart breaketh and tis another 10 months before the cold winds toucheth me again! Farewell! Farewell! 505 more words


A.S. Byatt

“Stories are like genes. They keep part of us alive after the end of our story.”

-Author A.S. Byatt

Clare Angelica