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The Many Movie Stigmata of Philip K. Dick

There have been a ton of movies adapted from Philip K. Dick’s work.

Some are, of course, better than others. But why is he Hollywood’s goto person for sci-fi? 473 more words

Things You Totally Missed


Philip K Dick knew from noir. He thought he was living in one. Conspiracy, drugs, self-hatred , and an early demise.

PKD lived as he wrote, and wrote about how he lived. 1,928 more words


Top 5 Philip K. Dick Adaptations

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Well, there’s been good and there’s been bad. Like with anything. But even in the bad, there’s always something strange lurking. A pretty out-there scifi idea, and yet, identifiable to a brand of weirdness. 3,193 more words


The Enemy

“We have to attack the ‘enemy’ at his base, within ourselves.”

-Alexander Trocchi