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A Separation of Nadar and Simin

Cerai. Pada suatu titik cerai memang dipandang sebagai sebuah solusi atas jalan buntu yang tidak bisa dikompromikan lagi. Tapi begitu banyak juga pasangan yang buntu pikirannya, bahkan untuk mengurai masalah sehingga kata cerai tetap diucap meski tidak akan menjadi solusi. 779 more words


“This was the process by which two lives were disentangled, eventually the dread and discomfort would fade and be replaced by unbroken indifference, I would see him on the street by chance, and it would be like seeing an old photograph of yourself: you recognize this image but are unable to remember quite what it was to be that person.”

-Katie Kitamura


Thank god it's over.

Well, I’ve just finished¬†A Separation by Katie Kitamura and MY GOD am I glad it was short at only 230 pages. It was not my favorite, not by a long shot. 244 more words

A Separation: Film Review

A couple whose differing views have led them to consider divorce. A daughter caught between the two parents. An ailing, ageing parent who requires time and energy. 602 more words


A Separation by Katie Kitamura

Mike’s review

In fairness: I’m starting to read this in SFO for first adult vacation (non-extensive road trip variety), to Hawaii.


Author photos are always so serious, kinda pretentious. 295 more words

Book Review

A Separation

The Short Version: Although they have been separated for half a year, a woman goes to Greece in search of her husband at her mother-in-law’s request. 1,083 more words


Another 5 Brilliant Political Films

With so many excellent political films out there, I found it impossible to implement them all into my ‘5 Favourite Overtly Political Films‘¬†list. 2,003 more words