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Book Review: A Sister's Promise by Renita D'Silva

I had read ‘The Forgotten Daughter’ by Renita D’Silva and had loved her writing, so when I saw ‘A Sister’s Promise’ on Netgalley, I absolutely had to request it. 400 more words

Book Review

Novel news and more thoughts on 'conquest eating'

Karen Lenfestey of my Normal People Panel has weighed in with her thoughts on “conquest eating” — along with the news that her novel, “A Sister’s Promise,” 275 more words

How 'Normal People' Eat: Author Karen Lenfestey

When I met Karen Lenfestey a couple of years ago at a writer’s retreat, it was clear she was going to go far.

Her novel,  1,278 more words

Chapter 13 - Elston Avenue Part 5

I was 15 when I started working (and I do mean “working”).  I worked for the Mom & Pop bookstore next to Schurz High School and the little corner restaurant on the corner of Elston Avenue and George Street.  4,657 more words

A Sister's Promise

Chapter 12 - Elston Avenue (Part 4)

After my fight in the playground I realized that somewhere deep inside me was something powerful that I didn’t much care for. It was unharnessed anger. 3,315 more words

A Sister's Promise

Chapter 11 - Elston Avenue (Part 3)

The basement digging summer represented the longest period of time that Harriette, Buddy and I actually got along with each other. I believe that one of the reasons we got along so well was the fact that Buddy stayed in the basement with Daddy digging and filling buckets of dirt, and when Harriette was in the basement retrieving her two buckets full of dirt, I was in the front yard dumping my two buckets and we seldom passed by each other in the gangway. 1,695 more words

A Sister's Promise

Chapter 10 - Elston Avenue (Part 2)

Mama and Daddy’s bedroom was at the front of the house just off the front room.  The stairs leading to the upstairs apartment made the ceiling lower in one corner of their room.  4,008 more words

A Sister's Promise