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Forget what I said about breakups being manageable.

Okay, so maybe it’s half true. I’ve been civil with my ex and we’ve been on good terms, but there’s still a lot of residual pain and negative sentiments on both sides. 507 more words


Wanting too little and too much

In love, my mother’s advice has always been to find someone who loves you more (than you love them). I think she regrets how her own love story developed, how the role she created for herself was so disparate from the one she initially dreamed of. 1,048 more words

A Slice Of Life

I Want to Believe

Under the light, I can see why people find Jesus intimidating. 405 more words

A Slice Of Life

Spring Break

My children have been fighting for 240 minutes.
Yes, I counted.
240 or 14 thousand 400 seconds of whining
and fussing about absolutely
nothing. Nothing is wrong. 247 more words

A Slice Of Life

Crossing the Rubicon

My twenties are nearly over and although they feel like an extension of my adolescence, they have certainly given me a profound sense of insight and clairvoyance that I can’t fully comprehend it yet. 957 more words


Going down the right road.

So, I weighed in on Monday, and I had lost four and a half pounds my first week on WW. I was over the moon, and still am, to be honest. 494 more words

Weight Loss