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Red Hot Chili Peppers, and all about being a PhD student

It has been a vivacious start to 2018, and I have been immersed in my studies over the last few weeks, teeing up for another set of courses this winter semester while putting the last touches on a research paper I intend to publish very soon. 774 more words

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I pride myself in being relatively well-functioning despite a fucked up childhood

I just caught myself saying: “I pride myself in being relatively well-functioning despite a fucked up childhood.” in the midst of an argument. In that moment I felt really proud of who I am, accepting no criticism from someone different from me, who felt better than me, who knows little about my past, who wanted to… 441 more words

Personal Musings


I awoke this morning, my dry eyes struggling to gain clarity amidst my groggy state.  Walking over to the kitchen, I would return and fall back onto my bed, draping a wet compress over my face, sighing in relief as my eyes welcomed the residual moisture. 671 more words

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Highlights of 2017

Here is a collection of my favorite moments this year.

  • Beginning the last semester of my university life – I couldn’t believe that the time flies so fast…
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A Slice of life: 5. Scandinavian Christmas Market

One of the reasons we chose to live in our current flat was because of the convenient transport links and proximity to amenities. Less expected was the strong Scandinavian community presence in the area including the annual Christmas market which can be seen across the road from our flat. 158 more words


Nostalgia - A Celebration Of The Past

Listening to music is a favorite pastime of mine when it comes to sitting in front of my computer and writing away my thoughts be it my journal, my novels, or just plain old school work. 898 more words

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It Is What It Is...

Hello everybody! It’s been a busy week for me at the U. It’s great to be back in what is a break from a seemingly endless cycle of analyzing research papers mixed in with the occasional stupor of staring into empty space and contemplating the meaning of it all, in what is an effective cocktail of scientific education that is my PhD so far. 1,293 more words

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