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A Slice of Life: 1. Dim Sum with my Mother

Hey everyone.

Thought I’d make a new feature for the blog to document my personal experiences beyond recipes and food outings. Although in saying that this post will have photos of food as I took advantage of my mother’s generosity and got to eat things I don’t normally have anymore. 265 more words



Life is all about transitions. One moment, we find ourselves latched on to something, and the next instant there is something new around the corner that catches our attention.  293 more words

A Slice Of Life


Do you have a dream? If you have and you can make it comes true then you are lucky.

Some of people have dream.

Some of people don’t. 149 more words


Adventures in Drawing!

Making good progress on my dreams to be a mangaka in the future, I’ve spent the past two months attending a basic drawing class, and so far, I’m having a blast. 844 more words

A Slice Of Life


A few months ago, I had visited my family at Bangalore, India. Returning to my homeland was a nostalgic experience. During this period, my family, and I took a trip to a biological park. 373 more words

A Slice Of Life

Divine Appointment

Slice of Life/Spiritual

I never wanted kids. I was too free-spirited, too independent, and too selfish to even imagine being a mom! I had these crazy judgments and opinions about bringing these little beings into an already populated planet and I didn’t want to do it. 228 more words

A Slice Of Life

Dealing with Death

One among the few blessings of having a nomadic childhood was the shield against facing death of family members. Having spent most of my childhood outside my home-town meant that I did not get to witness the dead body of near and dear ones. 2,476 more words

A Slice Of Life