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Get my book for free on Amazon!

Hi everyone!

So going with the flow of promotions and marketing I have planned for my newly released book A Little Bit Of Everything, I will begin with the free promotion of my book on Amazon over the next four days (Tue-Friday). 241 more words

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Presenting "A Little Bit Of Everything"

After three years of hard work, words cannot express how happy I am in making this announcement today on the publication, and official release of my book, … 408 more words

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Assam Memoirs Part 7 - Convocation

The class WhatsApp group had been abuzz as soon as the message about the tentative convocation dates were mailed. Everyone had been planning to fly to Mumbai from their work locations, as this could possibly be the last time the entire batch would be together. 882 more words

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the darkness of my heart

In the dead of night, when there is nothing else around me other than darkness and the quiet rumbling of the air conditioner above me, thoughts I try to push to the back of my mind during the day crawl out to haunt me as I lay on my bed. 1,543 more words

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Catching Meteors

Meteors or “falling stars” are an annual visual treat for casual observers and amateur astronomers alike, all around the world. I had my first experience of observing a meteor shower with the Perseids last weekend. 727 more words

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Almost there...

It has been an ascent of Sisyphean proportions to the summit of publishing my book, and the journey’s end is now in plain sight. Having toiled persistently, I have pushed against the heavy boulder of formatting, and have finally alighted upon the stage of approving the final proof of the book before it is on its way for publication. 169 more words

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the last stage

Recently, I’ve been feeling rather depressed.

I’m not going to go ahead and self-diagnose myself, but that is the only thing I could think of that fits my symptoms. 809 more words

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