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Driving While Aged

So Now You’re 62

Born in the 50’s, retired from a long career in court-reporting, I find myself in a new chapter of life. Due to health issues, I am to some degree aided by my three adult children. 311 more words

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The Wonderings of Kate

The last few months have been full of nests.   I didn’t realize for several weeks that one of my Boston ferns had been a home for a mother wren.  377 more words

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Bathroom Etiquette

Toddler Tales of Turmoil

Gotta just love that proud parent moment when your child is in a bathroom stall with you and decides to look under the partition at the next stall and say ‘hello’ to your neighbor.

Deanna ‘McCrazy’ Wolverton

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Chennai Chronicles: A Perfect Sunday

3rd July 2016

I had been meaning to visit Marina Beach ever since I landed in Chennai, but procrastination got the better of me. Finally, at the end of half my time here, I finally seized the opportunity. 663 more words

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Life's been strange

Things that actually happened:

  1. Went to a poetry reading called “Poetry and Pies” at a writing workshop, downtown. Performed a poem from my blog and met a lot of cool people who also express themselves with art.
  2. 871 more words


Teenage Tales of Terror (from the archives)

At what age do kids stop being so damn stubborn????  Cuz it doesn’t look like 19 is that age. 16 more words

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Adventures at the Grocery Store...

What to Expect

Before children, there were many small tasks I took for granted – tasks that once took 15 minutes have now quadrupled – like grocery shopping.  454 more words

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