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A Day in the Life

Thoughts of an English Mum

So….imagine If you will…I woke early to start the preparations for my Mums birthday dinner that very night. Food to be prepped, house to be cleaned, decorations to be hung..you get the picture..

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The Power of Words

She blamed herself. Blamed herself for the things that you said. The inconsiderate things that you fabricated about her. Lies one and all, only to show the true you. 193 more words


Let Go and Trust

Poetic Thoughts

The wind whispers. The trees speak. The birds sing. They all have the same message:

“Let go and Trust. Everything is okay. You are loved.

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A Slice Of Life

I Am Forgetting Him

It slithers in the door, drifts across the old wooden floor, floats up through the sheets I lie upon.Thoughts come unbidden to my mind – I can’t remember his voice, I’m forgetting who he was, the words he would say, the engagement of those last days before death finally had its way. 528 more words

A Slice Of Life

My wish for today
To laugh, to smile, with a friend
Just because I can.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lucky Star.”


What was left in Pandora's box?

What moves me today,
tis a soft breeze,
A shady nook, a good book.
That butterfly that dances by,
the sound of cicadas on a mid-summer night. 66 more words

A Slice Of Life

Sadness matters too!

Why do we let ourselves feel low? What is the reason that we hate to allow ourselves to be happy? Why do we let one cause of sadness kill a million causes of happiness? 290 more words