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Languages of the Known World

Dozens of languages are spoken in the known world, from the Common Tongue of Westeros to the mysterious speech known as Assha’i, one of the Shadow Tongues from the edge of the world. 2,793 more words

A Song Of Ice And Fire

Book Review - A Dance with Dragons

I finally managed to find the time to finish this gigantic piece of work. A Dance with Dragons is the fifth and latest book of the “A Song of Ice and Fire series” written by George RR Martin. 828 more words

VoK 461 - The Great Linear ASOIAF Reread Episode 67 - Paranoiacast!

Join some of the VOK Curators – Adam/DrownedSnow, Glen/Dagos_Rivers, Zach/Alias, Nadia and Ser Patrick The Tall – as they discuss Cersei 3 from A Feast For Crows, Tyrion 2 from A Dance With Dragons and Sansa 1 from Feast again. 77 more words


Fantasy Book Series: A Personal History

I used to read fantasy book series all the time. Except for required school reading, I read almost nothing but series through college. Returning to the same worlds and the same characters was comforting when I and everything around me seemed to be changing by the minute. 1,431 more words


Somebody Get Jon Snow a Friend!

It’s safe to say that everyone feels sorry for Jon Snow at some point. In a dream Snow says that he’s “screaming for someone, anyone, 335 more words

A Song Of Ice And Fire