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Tale as Old As Time: How Fantasy Has Changed

by Courtney Vice

We all remember our first fantasy experience. Whether you were binge-reading Tolkien nestled in between the bookshelves at your local library or was fascinated with the mythical world of Harry Potter when you first saw Daniel Radcliffe’s glasses clad face on the big screen, fantasy had a way of slipping a little magic and mystique into our lives without us even realizing. 822 more words


Songs I Associate with Books

There are some songs that I automatically associate with certain books or series. As someone who used to constantly make fanmixes on 8tracks (before it went to 💩), I like seeking out songs that fit books. 495 more words

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Roundup: Favorite Literary Castles

I figured I’d kick off this blog with a post celebrating one of my absolute favorite settings— castles. At their best, castles becomes characters in themselves, as real as any of the human characters in their respective books. 879 more words

Dead Ladies Club Critique of George R. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire": A Missed Opportunity

The “Dead Ladies Club” argument is the position that George R. R. Martin has over-used the “trope” of women dying out of sexism, lazy writing, or some combination of the two. 1,696 more words

stark kids as i imagine them from the books. except sansa. i gotta work on her design

Characters I Love to Hate

Not all characters in books are supposed to have our approbation and that is a good thing. A book in which all characters make understandable decisions and behave almost like perfect human beings becomes really dull after a while. 437 more words


Winds of Winter: A Satire

         The Winds of Winter. The one book that G.R.R.M. has been planning to launch every year from eternity. But seemingly, somehow, G.R.R.M. has not been able to complete it yet. 425 more words

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