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The start of a GoT wildling army

The free folk is the name used to refer to themselves by the people who live in the lands beyond the Wall, still on the continent of Westeros but beyond the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms. 373 more words


GRRM's idea of a good leader

Winter posted this long-ass video interview with GRRM today. I have not watched the video because my attention span isn’t that long, but they also posted some edited highlights, and there are some really interesting answers there. 336 more words

Little Red Writing Hood

Chapter-by-Chapter Analysis: Davos II, ASOS

“Ser Davos, and undrowned. How can that be?”

“Onions float, ser.”

Synopsis: “Sing to me, oh muse, of the man resourceful, who, storm-buffeted far and wide…” 5,927 more words

Race For The Iron Throne

Historical Map 23: The Reign of the Mad King

King Aerys II Targaryen started his reign in 262 AC with great promise. He dismissed his father’s aged counsellors and advisors and replaced them with younger, more dynamic men. 2,912 more words

A Song Of Ice And Fire

A Plot of Networks (part 2)

Sigur Ros- The Reynes of Castamere

Following on from yesterday’s post, I wanted to create some static graphs that were easier on my PC of the A Song of Ice and Fire books, using the… 1,122 more words

winds of winter

I finished A Dance with Dragons a week ago. The only part that surprised me was that “Young Griff” was still alive at the end of the book, and that Queen Selyse hadn’t pushed Shireen and Patches into one of Melisandre’s fires. 352 more words