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Game of Thrones Winner: The North Remembers

Wow season premiers are hard to pick winners for, because it’s either clear cut, or just kind of murky table setting. But I think I’ve managed to pick one for this episode and it might surprise you. 307 more words


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 9/1/15

So I have a girl crush on a cosplayer.  I’m not ashamed.  She’s gorgeous and she does Sephiroth in addition to ASOIAF characters.  Yes, I’ve posted her loads of times before, no, I don’t care that I’m posted her again, the darling… 40 more words


{Top Ten Tuesday} Ten Characters You just didn't Click with

While I tend to have a love/hate kind of relationship with books and their characters, there’s always those we love to hate! Here’s my top ten (in no particular order, because I really dislike all of them so much): 214 more words

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My Lannister Army (a start)


This is Jamie Lannister the Lord of my soon to be Lannister army. The figure was build out of Perry plastic parts.

Here you see him with his bodyguard of heavy household knights. 22 more words


GRRM denies TWOW and ADOS news.

Recently, a Twitter user “AngryGOTFan” was live-tweeting from a GRRM event. The user mentioned that GRRM confirmed he was working on both TWOW and ADOS at the same time. 177 more words


VOK 232: Panspermia! - The Great Linear ASOIAF Re-Read Part One

In the first in a new series of VOK-casts, the Vassals return to their roots with a linear re-read of George R R Martin’s A Song Of Ice And Fire.   192 more words


Chapter-by-Chapter Analysis: Davos II, ACOK

“…the last time it was life I brought to Storm’s End, shaped to look like onions. This time it is death, in the shape of Melisandre of Asshai.” 8,719 more words

Race For The Iron Throne