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The story of Endymion and Selene has been a favorite of artists and poets since the time of the creation of the tale.

The story of Endymion has various attributes, but let’s say that he regularly admired the moon, the goddess Selene, which became apprised of this notice. 7,639 more words


Interview with Bianca Schwarz

Bianca was born in Germany, spent her formative years in London and just got her US passport, but she considers herself a world citizen. She lives in Los Angeles because that’s where they make movies and she used to work on them. 1,076 more words

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A Thing of Beauty

I enjoyed Bianca Schwarz’s A Thing of Beauty. The details are vivid, the story arc is cohesive while still leaving room for a sequel, and the characters are well-drawn and three-dimensional. 220 more words

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Joy, Come In!

Sometimes I come across a beautiful passage in a book that so resonates with me, I underline it, bend back the top of the page, slip a bookmark on top of the passage…because in this world of constant images and sights, I want to hold on to it with all my life’s breath. 235 more words

Chirp and Tell

A bird sits at my window,

it chirps, it tells,
a story, untold

like the pages flipping by,
winds, the reason
winds, i know not who hold. 85 more words