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Chirp and Tell

A bird sits at my window,

it chirps, it tells,
a story, untold

like the pages flipping by,
winds, the reason
winds, i know not who hold. 85 more words


A Thing of Beauty No. 1: The Strange Library by Haruki Murakami

Perhaps we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but there is something more than gratifying when a good book is also beautifully produced. In this series I want to celebrate books which I feel are both of these things and comment both on the exquisite aesthetics, but also the merit of the content inside the pretty cover. 505 more words


Jasmine Cranberry Cinnamon Rice Pudding

You read it right. Comfort in a bowl.

Sweet, delicious, slightly tart, aromatic comfort in a beautiful bowl. Use your prettiest one for this.

You can easily lighten it up by using 2% or less milk, but why? 163 more words


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Nothing in this world commands more finality than loss, and loss, as sorrowful as it can be, is inevitable. It’s something that beats the sense out of logic, we know that it is going to happen, we know that it’s right around the corner, but we refuse to accept it. 288 more words

A thing of beauty.

Dismissing the fits and misconceptions that exist causing this cognitive dissonance.

Elated at the ways I can portray myself but disappointed at the way the joy aims away from who I really am. 226 more words

Sunday funnies a thing of the past

Do you remember when funnies were in the Sunday papers only? True that. I remember.  Often there were bloodless skirmishes to see who grabbed the funnies first and then a couple of siblings hanging over the shoulder to read at the same time.  450 more words

A Thing Of Beauty