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Day 685: A Thousand Acres

Best Book of the Week!
A Thousand Acres is a powerful novel set mostly in 1979 rural Iowa. It evokes a completely realized world that is complex and secret. 381 more words


The Correct Way of Farming

“‘There isn’t any room for the old methods anymore. Farmers who embrace the new methods will prosper, but those that don’t are already stumbling around.’ Doubtless he was looking across the road toward the Ericsons” (Smiley 45). 390 more words


Seeking Impossibility

“I was uncomfortably aware that my father always sought impossibility […] to discipline the farm and ourselves to a life and order transcending many things, but especially mere whim.” P. 473 more words


Elephant In The Room

“I drove Rose to Mason City for her three month checkup.  We hardly spoke on the way there…Our plan was to shop a little after the hospital, then go to the Brown Bottle for dinner, but our unspoken agreement was that it all depended on the doctor’s appointment.”  Pg. 432 more words


Whores, Prostitutes, Belly Dancers, and Housewives

“Rose laughed giddily, then exclaimed, ‘There’s a whorehouse in Mason City, did you know that?'” (Smiley, 59).

“‘Rosie, lets eat at Golden Corral and see if we can get a look at what the prostitutes wear to work” (Smiley, 61). 545 more words


Don't Depend On Men

“She doesn’t have to be careful. She’s got an income. Being his daughter is all pretty abstract for her, and I’m sure she wants to keep it that way. 352 more words


Every family has its flaws.

“Where did you get those?” asked Linda. “When we were in Iowa City.”

I’m not even going to pretend that wasn’t one of my favorite lines to read because we live in Iowa City. 373 more words