A Universe From Nothing

The first non-fiction book that I chose to read this year was A Universe From Nothing by Lawrence Krauss.  I have wanted to read this for some time but kept putting it off because of how complicated and thought provoking I knew it would be.   162 more words

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Interview with Physicist George Ellis

At Scientific American John Horgan interviews physicist George F. R. Ellis. The interview touches on topics in science, philosophy, and religion that may be of interest to readers of this blog. 1,392 more words


A Universe from Nothing

Many people have obviously been reading Lawrence Krauss’ infamous book: “A Universe from Nothing: Why There is something Rather Than Nothing”

Krauss and many other physicists continuously engage in this type of low-level philosophy with the ironic goal of diminishing the value of philosophy using “science”. 135 more words


Ice Creme and the Universe


A young boy was tasting a new flavor of ice cream that contained some of the most amazing tasty bits of flavor he had ever enjoyed. 2,701 more words

Agnostics And Skeptics

Why does the world exist, and other dangerous questions for insomniacs

A few weeks back I wrote a post on how the recent discovery of gravitational lensing provided evidence for inflationary models of the Big Bang. These are cosmological models that imply some version of the multiverse, essentially the idea that ours is just one of a series of universes, a tiny bubble, or region, of a much, much larger universe where perhaps even the laws of physics or rationality of mathematics differed from one region to another. 2,916 more words


Many Kinds of Nothing

Hello readers, long time no vicarious mental contact. You’ve been waiting with bated breath I see. I appologize for my long hiatus, but work and school seems to take precedence in my life. 312 more words

A Universe From Nothing

18 Book And Beer Pairings You Should Try This Weekend

Thank you Book and Beer .

This Book Is Full Of Spiders paired with Coors Banquet

Because you can strangle multiple spiders at once with a plastic six pack holder. 80 more words